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Wow, I am heading into January with my third cohort, that’s three years of WONDER Life! I am moved and blessed by the families I’ve been invited to capture and create for. Creating WONDE Life made so much sense to me as an extension of Birth Story Photography..capturing the first year of life & it has expanded and evolved to be a perfect fit for many family dynamics including newborns and without!
WONDER Life is serving well, the families where one or both parents have a challenging , high demand schedule.

WONDER Life provides an intentional slow down and planning of family togetherness/ activity/ reflection/ delight.

Wonderlife ensures that everybody is in the picture. For @micahlarsen_ Wonder Life was a chance to create a time capsule for a year of her son’s life, unique quirks, love and family dynamics with her husband being a part of those moments showing his unique love and fathering that often maybe lost due to the physician’s schedule.
We documented the family farm, the daily chores, pie making, apple cider making , playfulness, introduction of new pets, storytelling, a grandparent visit, and one of my favorite things is Micah reading to her son on the couch as they all snuggle.
Can you imagine decades from now? Micah’s son watching those films and getting to hear his mother’s voice read him a chapter book from his childhood. It’s a profound milestone moment and it is a feel good moment to the soul to have treasures of our parents’endearments.

The next cohort Starts in the New Year. Deadline to subscribe is January 15.
Wonderlife is a highly creative and intensive journey with a family. Therefore, I only book five families per cohort.

Milestone Heirloom 12 month Subscription
Family Photography & Films
A year of Growing up & in love…
✅5 artful documentary photography galleries
✅5 Family Films, live audio & licensed music
✅Tangible Keepsake for the hands & home
WONDER Life captures 💯
– Family traditions
– The nuances of everyday life
– Your child’s unique play, speech, love
– The gift that gets sweeter with time…

5 Ways To Create Memories Over The Holidays

My five ways to slow down and create sweet moments with your family during the holidays

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WONDER Life 2024 | Learning, Heart & VIsion

Reflecting on the Wonder Life journey from its September 2022 Cohort, it’s been an incredible ride. Starting as the original cohort, it was my beta round—a bold leap into offering milestone subscriptions for family photography and films.

It’s been a whirlwind of experiences—challenging, fun, wild, and even messy at times. Yet, within this chaos, Wonder Life became a canvas for growth, both personally and for the families I’ve had the privilege to document.

I know so much more now- the time commitment, planning and creating,,,the heart involved.

As 2022 wrapped up and the second cohort of 2023 nears completion, it’s a mix of feeling complete with some families and yet, oddly rewarding—a beautiful full circle moment.

The future of Wonder Life holds promise and excitement. Responding to nudges and inquiries about what’s next, the upcoming year’s cohorts will bring quarterly sessions with an additional highlight session of choice, be it Mother’s Day, Maternity session, relatives in town, or the child’s birthday, for example.

The tangible offering evolves into a stunning unbound album in a walnut box, encapsulating 25 matted images selected from the year—a truly thrilling addition. However, this next phase emphasizes low volume with substantial impact; each family is pivotal in sustaining Wonder Life’s creation. As I open subscriptions for 2024, welcoming a minimum to a maximum of 5 families, I’m humbled and grateful for the continued support and participation. Your involvement means the world, and I’m excited to embark on another year of capturing magic, fostering goodness, and witnessing families grow in love together. Join me for another chapter of Wonder Life—spread the word to those who resonate with this journey; their involvement could make all the difference. Thank you all for being part of this wonderful adventure. Warm regards, Jenna.


This is a really good time to invest in a session- If you have wanted to work with me. Say yes to yourself. Say yes to your memories. Say yes to the art of you.

Studio Newborn

Studio features-

✓ Intimate Mama wardrobe.

✓ Little one wardrobe.

✓ Optional Hair & Makeup.

✓ Artwork delivered digitally.

Maternity Session

Studio, In- Home or on Location within Missoula:

✓ Intimate Mama Wardrobe.

✓ Optional Hair & Makeup.

✓ Artwork delivered digitally.

Hotsprings Maternity

Chaffered to Idaho Hot Springs, half day adventure. Light snack catered by Green Source.

✓ Intimate Mama Wardrobe.

✓ Optional Hair & Makeup before leaving Missoula.

✓ Artwork delivered digitally.

NORD Weddings

Contact us today!

Nord Weddings features:

✓ Husband & Wife team- Professional Musician & Photographer.


Birth Story

Sale applies to Estimate Due Dates falling in : March, July, October 2024

Featuring Collection 3: Current Price $2600. NOW $2500. Good thru Jan 1 2024; subject to change.

✓ 100 + images of your Birth Story.

✓ 10 Announcement images delivered in 24 hours.

✓Option to upgrade your Collection at your first consultation.



The impact of empowerment and autonomy on women is profound…….

  • Self-Confidence: Empowered women tend to have higher self-esteem and self-confidence. They believe in their abilities and are more willing to take risks to achieve their goals.
  • Resilience: Empowered women are better equipped to face challenges and setbacks. They have the inner strength to persevere and adapt in the face of adversity.
  • Health and Well-being: Autonomy in healthcare decisions, for example, allows women to make choices that are in their best interest, leading to improved physical and mental health outcomes.
  • Relationships: Empowerment and autonomy can positively impact personal relationships. Women who have control over their choices and boundaries are more likely to have healthier and more fulfilling relationships.
  • Career Advancement: Empowered women are more likely to pursue education and career opportunities, leading to greater economic independence and professional success.
  • Advocacy: Empowered women often become advocates for gender equality and social change, contributing to broader efforts to dismantle systemic inequalities.

In summary, empowerment and autonomy are essential for women to live authentic, fulfilling lives, and they play a crucial role in how women show up for themselves by enabling them to make choices aligned with their values, desires, and aspirations. These concepts are fundamental to achieving gender equality and social justice for women worldwide.

Good Morning A Team Women!

Yep, I said it. A-Team

Does that resonate with you? 

I have been thinking about this A TEAM woman alot lately. As this word was strategically spoken to me last week by a powerhouse woman in our community. Now, the word / label/ idea wasn’t given/gifted or even assumed of me. What happened was there was an invitation to either be an A TEAM woman or not. I was either going to stay where I was, in the comfy chair I was sitting in, say thank you for her time and all her lovely confidence boosting or I was going to lean forward and step into the word/title A TEAM as it pertains to me personally. WOW.

Why do I present it to you today? 

  • If you have worked with me you ARE  A -TEAM.
  • If you have loved my work, been inspired to work with me in some capacity- even if it hasn’t happened yet; you are A-Team mentality.

Because I engage and attract mostly two types of women:

  1. Those that have stepped into empowerment + autonomy- A-TEAM
  2. Those women who are on the path, intentionally and consciously working into empowerment + autonomy- A-TEAM.

Because to engage with, support, and invest in working with me- which is ultimately working with yourself and investing in your self– you have the A-TEAM mentality. 

I am going to spell it out because I can’t go back from KNOWING

Birth Story Photography– is seen as radical, is known to be an activist engagement, is an act of rebellion & liberation. Ultimately, I know it is also an act of love; because Birth Stories are a Love Story. I am a specialist artist in this niche of photography. You are working with a women creating radical change…..by working with me YOU! are a woman creating radical change.

Primal Medicine Boudoir. Photography Ceremony– this somatic, sensual ceremonial photography IS the practice of radical self acceptance. If changing the WORLD starts with you, then you are taking the steps by flexing your superpower of vulnerability. To be witnessed and express your unique and worthy story- grief, rage, shame, joy, sensuality, liberation, pride- in a visceral freeing way- YOU are evolving -You are changing the world. You are A- TEAM.

Empowerment and autonomy are two interconnected concepts that play a significant role in the lives of women and influence how they show up for themselves:

1. **Empowerment:** Empowerment refers to the process of gaining the knowledge, skills, confidence, and self-determination needed to exert control over one’s life, make choices, and achieve personal goals. It involves recognizing and challenging societal norms, stereotypes, and power imbalances that may limit a person’s potential. For women, empowerment means breaking free from gender-based constraints and accessing equal opportunities in various aspects of life, such as education, career, and personal relationships. When women feel empowered, they are more likely to advocate for themselves, pursue their passions, and assert their rights.

2. **Autonomy:** Autonomy is the capacity to make independent decisions and have control over one’s own actions and choices. It means having the freedom to live according to one’s values, desires, and preferences without external coercion or undue influence. Autonomy is particularly important for women because historically, they have often been subjected to societal expectations and restrictions on their autonomy in various spheres, including reproductive rights, career choices, and personal relationships. When women have autonomy, they can make decisions that align with their own aspirations and needs, leading to greater fulfillment and satisfaction in their lives.

Castor Oil Packs Missoula Maternity, Birth & Newborn Photographer

Hello Pregnancy, Birth & Newborn Community- Personal Story ALERT!!!

I have this amazing jar of organic castor oil sitting in my cupboard upstairs conveniently in my linen cupboard. All I need to do is grab the fleece material that I bought. Get things warmed up and lie down and rest. 

Do you think maybe I could do it for 10 minutes 15 minutes? 

Well, it was something that Prairie suggested I started doing in my very first somatic healing session with her. Have I done this practice ? No. How much resistance do you find yourself putting between you and healing? How much resistance and excuses do you put between yourself and things that you say you really really want? But we all know it’s the actionable things that we do that inform us that it truly is something that we want to have or to do or to be. So today I’m going to check this box. It’s going to count as an item of productivity.

More to read on CASTOR OIL PACKS below…..


Missoula Maternity Photography intimate art adventure woods

What you need:

1. **Castor Oil:** This is the main ingredient. You can find it at health food stores or order it online.

2. **Flannel Cloth or Towel:** Choose a clean and preferably organic fabric. It should be large enough to cover the area you want to treat.

3. **Plastic Wrap or Plastic Bag:** To cover the castor oil-soaked cloth and prevent oil from getting on your clothing or bedding.

4. **Hot Water Bottle or Heating Pad:** This is used to apply heat to the pack, which helps the castor oil penetrate the skin.

5. **Baking Soda:** For cleaning your skin after using the pack. You can mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 1 quart of water to create a cleansing solution.

6. **Old Clothing or Towel:** To protect your clothing and bedding from potential oil stains while using the pack.

7. **Ziplock Bag or Container:** For storing the castor oil-soaked cloth in the refrigerator between uses.

Castor oil packs can be a real game-changer during pregnancy and postpartum, here’s why:

**During Pregnancy:**

1. **Pain Relief:** Many moms-to-be experience backaches and muscle discomfort during pregnancy. Applying a castor oil pack to the affected area can provide relief and relaxation.

2. **Digestive Aid:** Constipation is a common pregnancy woe. Massaging a castor oil pack on your abdomen can help promote bowel movements, naturally easing the discomfort.

3. **Reduces Inflammation:** Castor oil packs have anti-inflammatory properties, which can be beneficial for reducing swelling and inflammation often associated with pregnancy.


1. **Uterine Recovery:** After giving birth, your uterus needs time to shrink back to its pre-pregnancy size. Castor oil packs applied to the lower abdomen can assist in this process and potentially reduce postpartum bleeding.

2. **Scar Healing:** If you’ve had a cesarean section or episiotomy, castor oil packs may aid in scar healing and minimizing discomfort.

3. **Stress Relief:** Caring for a newborn can be exhausting. Using castor oil packs as part of your self-care routine can provide relaxation and stress relief.

Remember, always consult with your healthcare provider before using castor oil packs during pregnancy or postpartum, as individual circumstances can vary. But when used safely and appropriately, they can be a soothing and natural way to support your journey into motherhood. 🌿💆‍♀️🤰

MISSOULA Butte Bozeman Birth Homebirth




montana Aspen Tree maternity Session

Nostalgia- CREATE IT

Nostalgia is a powerful emotional state characterized by a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past. It is a complex mix of positive emotions, often accompanied by feelings of warmth, happiness, and sometimes a hint of sadness. Nostalgia can be triggered by a wide range of stimuli, including old photographs, vintage objects, familiar scents, music, or any reminder of moments, experiences, or people from our past. Photography and films have the unique ability to evoke nostalgia and bring humans so much joy due to several key reasons:

  1. Capturing Memories: Photography and films freeze a moment in time, preserving memories that might otherwise fade or become distorted with the passage of time. Looking at old photographs or watching home videos allows us to relive those precious moments, bringing back the feelings and emotions associated with them.
  2. Emotional Connection: Images and films have the power to stir deep emotions within us. Whether it’s a family portrait, a candid shot of friends, or a video of a special event, these visual representations of our past can trigger a sense of connectedness to the people and experiences captured within them.
  3. Time Travel: Nostalgic photographs and films act as a time machine, transporting us back to a different era. They provide a glimpse into the way things were, allowing us to better understand and appreciate our personal history and the history of those who came before us.
  4. Sense of Identity: Our memories play a significant role in shaping our sense of identity. Looking at photographs and films from our past reinforces our understanding of who we are, where we come from, and the experiences that have shaped us.
  5. Gratitude and Happiness: Nostalgia often brings forth positive recollections, reminding us of the good times and the people we cherish. This sense of gratitude for the happy moments in our lives can lead to increased levels of happiness and well-being.
  6. Connection to Loved Ones: Photography and films provide a way to remember and honor loved ones who may no longer be with us. They serve as a tangible link to the past, helping us keep the memories of our dear ones alive and close to our hearts.
  7. Creative Expression: Both photography and filmmaking are artistic forms of expression that allow individuals to capture the world from their unique perspectives. The joy experienced in creating and appreciating visual art contributes to the emotional impact of these mediums.
  8. Sharing and Storytelling: Photographs and films are meant to be shared. When we share these captured moments with others, we not only deepen our connections but also create shared narratives and experiences that further enhance the joy of nostalgia.

In summary, photography and films serve as powerful vehicles for nostalgia, enabling us to revisit cherished memories, connect with our past, and find joy in the beauty of life’s journey. They have the remarkable ability to touch our hearts and remind us of the richness and significance of the moments that make up our lives.

In summary, photography and films serve as powerful vehicles for nostalgia, enabling us to revisit cherished memories, connect with our past, and find joy in the beauty of life’s journey. They have the remarkable ability to touch our hearts and remind us of the richness and significance of the moments that make up our lives.

Birth Photography, feat: The Birth Center & Women’s Health Clinic | Missoula MT | Jeanne Hebl

Newborn Photography Session Missoula

Newborn Photography Session Missoula

  1. “Best Missoula newborn photographer for natural light portraits”
  2. “Affordable Missoula newborn photographer with flexible packages”
  3. “Experienced Missoula newborn photographer specializing in lifestyle sessions”
  4. “Creative Missoula newborn photographer for unique and personalized shots”
  5. “Missoula newborn photographer with a studio for posed newborn portraits”
  6. “Documentary-style Missoula newborn photographer for candid moments”
  7. “Missoula newborn photographer offering in-home sessions for added comfort”
  8. “Artistic Missoula newborn photographer capturing the beauty of your baby”
  9. “Missoula newborn photographer with a gentle approach and attention to detail”
  10. “Professional Missoula newborn photographer for timeless and cherished memories”

Newborn and birth photography in Missoula



What if Newborn and Birth Photography the way I serve is enough?

Every once in awhile, I will allow my volume to inform me that maybe my services in Missoula area newborn and birth story photography are basic or lacking in some way- this imposter voice creeping in. My knee jerk reaction is to try and make myself believe that I need to work harder and more creatively. Burning myself out to create something..so epic, a new look, a new offer, a new set/scene, location.

I have arrived at a practice that has helped over the recent years. GO BACK TO THE PORTFOLIO. The portfolio speaks. The images show me that there is beauty and depth and endless emotive feelings….that are unique to each session- each human I co-create with.

You mama are enough. In the way you are showing up in the world. In the way you practice becoming you!

Here are some tips to prepare for your Newborn and birth photography in Missoula.

Your Birth tip is to hire a Birth photographer. Consult with me today. Consultations are free and I love to geek out all things birth.

Preparing for a newborn photography session can help ensure that the photos turn out beautifully and that both you and your baby have a positive experience. Here are three tips to help you prepare:

  1. Schedule the session within the first two weeks: Newborns change very quickly, so it’s best to schedule the photography session within the first two weeks of life when they are still very sleepy and can be easily posed. This will also help capture those adorable curled-up poses that are so popular in newborn photography.
  2. Keep your baby well-fed and well-rested: A well-fed and well-rested baby is much more likely to be calm and cooperative during the photography session. Be sure to feed your baby right before the session and try to keep them awake for an hour or so beforehand to help them sleep soundly during the shoot.
  3. Dress your baby in simple, comfortable clothing: Newborns are best photographed in simple, neutral clothing that won’t distract from their natural beauty. Avoid dressing your baby in busy patterns or outfits that are too tight or uncomfortable. A simple onesie or swaddle blanket is often the best choice.

Bonus tip: Work with an experienced newborn photographer who has plenty of experience working with babies and knows how to keep them safe and comfortable during the shoot. This will help ensure that you get beautiful photos while keeping your baby happy and secure.

Birth Photography at ROOTS Birth & Women’s Health Missoula

Experienced birth photographer in Missoula

hospital birth standing

Birthing with midwives at a hospital can provide several benefits for expecting mothers and their babies.

I am honored to be able to witness Missoula mamas birth in all spaces they so choose.

Birth Photography at ROOTS Birth & Women’s Health Missoula is welcomed. The midwives are a great team to work alongside. https://rootsmt.com/

To witness mama’s being able to make informed choices about how they labor and birth is rewarding, empowering and liberating. The image above is testimony that you CAN stand during labor. There are so many options- make sure you openly and honestly talk with you provider about your desires for your birth. Your body, your birth.

There are many benefits to choosing our local ROOTS in hospital midwives- here are a few:

  1. Access to medical resources: Midwives who work in hospitals have access to medical resources, such as doctors, nurses, and medical equipment, in case any complications arise during the birth. This can provide a sense of security for women who want to deliver their babies with midwives, but also want the assurance that medical help is readily available if needed.
  2. Personalized care: Midwives provide personalized care to expectant mothers, including continuous support throughout the labor and delivery process. They can help women with pain management techniques, such as breathing exercises and massage, and provide emotional support throughout the birth. Additionally, midwives often encourage natural birthing methods and can help women achieve the type of birth experience they desire.
  3. Lower rates of interventions: Studies have shown that women who birth with midwives at hospitals have lower rates of interventions, such as cesarean sections and episiotomies, compared to women who deliver with physicians. This is because midwives are trained to support natural birthing methods and work to minimize medical interventions unless they are medically necessary. This can result in a more positive birth experience for women and better outcomes for both mother and baby.

Missoula Birth Photographer; hates this question

What is one question you hate to be asked? Explain.
As your Missoula Birth Photographer…I am planning for the most unpredictable life event…birth…
Much of my life I can try and plan for….and much not– am I right? When you are mom of four, your day can drastically change with the sound of a morning cough coming from your kiddos room, a phone call from your child’s school, etc…
Well this is a funny question to answer…but the truth is. I hate to be asked what’s for dinner? I feel pressured by the question. Half of the nights of the week, I don’t know what is going to be for dinner until I enter the kitchen. Now, I do shop for specific meals, but I actually let the day and how I feel & THE SCHEDULE of having a busy life with four kids—-when I enter the kitchen dictate what ingredients I am going to use to make the pre-thought of meal. I am creating all day long, I am making decisions all day long…don’t ask me what’s for dinner. It’s decision fatigue.
You will know what’s for dinner when I call you to help with dinner prep, or when it’s sitting in front of you at the table!
And we may just hop in the car and go and get dinner….it’s always a surprise over here in the Nord household.

Empowered Birth Plan | Missoula Montana Birth Photography

Image from Home Birth Missoula Montana Photographer

Empowered Birth Plan | Missoula Montana Birth Photography

An empowered birth is one in which the birthing person feels in control and supported throughout the process. A birth plan can help clarify the birthing person’s preferences and desires for the birth experience. Here are some suggestions for types of empowered birth plans applicable to Missoula Montana and environments that can support an empowered birth:

Hospital birth with a midwife: Many hospitals offer midwifery services, which can provide a more personalized and supportive approach to birth. Midwives are often more open to using non-medical interventions and supporting natural birth. Check out ROOTS for an amazing, empowered birth experience.

Want an example of an epic empowered birth via ROOTS? Open your mind and emotions to this image.

Home birth with a midwife: For those who desire a more intimate and familiar environment, a home birth with a midwife can be a good option. This can provide a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, with the added benefit of being in one’s own home.

Birth center: Birth centers offer a more homelike environment than hospitals, with midwifery care and the option for natural birth. They often have amenities such as birthing pools and comfortable furniture to support the birthing person.

I have seen some badass empowered women give birth here! The Birth Center and Women’s Health Clinic.

Don’t overlook one of my favorite images of all time– the HEADER FOR THE BIRTH CENTER—-IMAGE TAKEN BY – Jenna Nord Photography!! Rad.

Water birth: Giving birth in a pool of warm water can provide relaxation and pain relief during labor. Many birth centers and hospitals offer this option.

Hypnobirthing: Hypnobirthing is a technique that uses relaxation and visualization to reduce fear and pain during birth. It can be done in any environment and can be incorporated into any birth plan.

Doula support: Having a doula present during labor can provide emotional and physical support to the birthing person and their partner. Doulas can also act as advocates and help the birthing person communicate their needs and desires to medical staff.

Personalized birth plan: A personalized birth plan can outline the birthing person’s specific desires and preferences for their birth experience. This can include preferences for pain management, interventions, and the overall atmosphere and environment.

Overall, the most important aspect of an empowered birth is that the birthing person feels supported and in control throughout the process. By exploring different types of birth plans and environments, the birthing person can find the options that are best suited to their needs and desires.

If you chose a repeat c-section,you’re welcome here.

Ifyou chose a VBAC,you’re welcome here.

If you chose to “see how it goes,” trust your doctor and walk into labor without a birth plan,
you’re welcome here.

Sometimes you see birth photographers celebrating VBAC or homebirth by saying something
like “She did it! She got her VBAC!”

But because we’re celebrating with that mama doesn’t mean we’re not also celebrating your
choice to choose a different path!

All birth plans are welcome here 🙂 Even the non-birth plans!

What’s your idea of an empowered birth? I’d love to hear
from you!


5 tips for Labor Pain Mangement

Here are 5 tips for pain management during labor and delivery:

  1. Breathing and relaxation techniques: Focusing on your breathing and using relaxation techniques, such as visualization or progressive muscle relaxation, can help you manage pain during labor. Deep breathing can also help you stay calm and focused, which can help reduce your perception of pain.
  2. Movement and positioning: Changing positions can help relieve pain and discomfort during labor. Walking, standing, leaning, or sitting on a birthing ball can help your baby move into the optimal position for delivery and can also provide relief for you.
  3. Water therapy: Immersing yourself in a warm bath or shower can help ease labor pains. The buoyancy of the water can help take the weight off your joints and the warm water can help soothe your muscles.
  4. Massage and counter pressure: Applying pressure to specific areas, such as the lower back or hips, can help relieve pain. Your partner or a doula can use massage techniques or apply pressure to help you manage your pain.
  5. Medication: If natural pain management techniques are not enough, you may want to consider medication. There are various options available, including opioids, epidurals, and other pain medications. Talk to your healthcare provider about your options, risks, and benefits. It’s important to note that medication may have side effects and can also affect your ability to move around during labor.

Artistically documenting your transformational life event, so that you can


Your birth, your power, your baby’s journey earthside.

Birth Beyond the Basics: 10 Secrets for a More Comfortable Delivery | Missoula Birth Photography & Doula support 

Hey there mama-to-be! So, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed with all the information (or lack thereof) about giving birth. But don’t worry, I’ve got you!

Here are 10 things your doctor probably didn’t tell you about giving birth that will help you feel more prepared and in control.

(And hey, if these pique your interest, bring these up to your doctor at the next appointment!) 

You don’t have to give birth in the hospital.

Giving birth at home or in a birth center can provide a more relaxed and intimate setting for the birth of your baby. It allows you to have more control over the birthing process and can provide a more personalized experience. This option is safe for low-risk pregnancies and has similar or better outcomes compared to hospital births.

Question for your doctor: Would he/she support you and work with a home birth midwife if you decided to go this route?

Epidurals are not the only form of pain relief available during labor.

Epidurals are a common form of pain relief during labor, but they are not the only option available. Other forms of pain relief include nitrous oxide, spinal blocks, and natural methods such as hypnobirthing, acupuncture and massage. These options can provide a more natural and less invasive form of pain relief.

Question for your doctor: What other pain relief options do they see often that’s effective other than epidural? 

You can bring your own music or sounds to the delivery room.

Music can have a powerful impact on our emotions, and it can help create a calm and soothing environment for you during labor. You can bring your own playlist, a sound machine, or even your own voice to help you relax and focus during labor.

Question for your doctor: Can I bring music to the birthing room? 

Birthing pools can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed during labor.

Warm water can help ease the pain and discomfort of contractions, and it also allows you to move around more easily, which can help the baby move down the birth canal. Birthing pools can also provide a sense of privacy and intimacy during labor.

Question for your doctor: Are there birth pools at the hospital or another way I can use water to relax?

You will probably poop during labor (and that’s okay!).

It’s a normal and natural part of the birthing process, and your nurses and doctors are used to it. Don’t let this concern hold you back, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

Birthing positions – there are many different positions that can help make the birthing process easier.

There are various birthing positions that can help make the birthing process easier, such as standing up, sitting down, on your hands and knees, or even lying down. Experiment with different positions to find what feels most comfortable for you.

Question for your doctor: In what positions are you willing to help me birth my baby?

I personally have seen standing, squatting, squatting on the bed, in stirrups, on all fours, one leg up on bed, on a birthing stool, side lying, in a birth pool.

Doulas are a great support and aren’t only used for birth.

A doula is a professional trained to provide emotional and physical support to a woman and her partner during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum period. A doula can help you with relaxation techniques, provide emotional support, and advocate for your wishes during birth.

Question for your doctor: Do you work with doulas often? Are there any you recommend?

You can eat and drink during labor, if you want to.

Having a light snack can help keep your energy levels up. It’s important to listen to your body and your healthcare provider during labor, and to make sure you are well hydrated and nourished.

Question: Under what circumstances will I not be allowed to eat or drink in labor?

The power of the mind – visualization and other relaxation techniques can help during labor.

Visualization and relaxation techniques such as hypnobirthing, yoga, and meditation can help you stay calm and focused during labor. It can also help to lower stress hormones and increase endorphins, which can make labor more manageable.

Question: Is there anything I can do now to learn how to cope with labor?

Cesarean sections are not as scary as they seem.

C-sections are a common form of delivery and can be planned or unplanned. Your doctor and nurses will take great care of you and your baby during the procedure. It’s important to remember that a c-section is a surgical procedure and there are risks associated with it, but it can also save the lives of both mother and baby in certain situations.

Question: In what circumstances do you perform c-sections? 

So, there you have it, mama. You’re armed with some new information that will hopefully help you feel more confident and excited about your birth!

View More Amazing BIRTH images!

What influences -Missoula Birth Photographer & Doula?

Who are the biggest influences in your life?

In relation to business and being an entrepreneur, my greatest influenced have been Neil Chaput owner of Rocky Mountain School of Photography..who exposed me to his summer intensive program when I was in middle school. That really was the catalyst for me having a curiosity around photography.

Then becoming a mother via cesarean, my sister ( charge nurse working my delivery) took photos of my birth and those photos completed and mended my broken heart over what I felt like was a crippling loss to my spirit,, this led me to take my photography and focus on the niche of birth. I wanted to give other women the chance to be healed, mended, to feel whole by having their birth story documented.

My children still are my greatest influences as I strive to be my best self to be their mother.

My husband who runs a thriving music studio in Missoula. Tangled Tones Music Studio. He influenced me with aspirations of being an artist, that we could do what we love and be successful. Often redefining what success is as an artist in Missoula.

My mom has influenced my life in knowing that I am worthy of adventure and travel.

The mountains influence me to find stillness, quiet, self care.

My birth clients influence me. These are the times in my life when I have been most moved by an empowered woman. Women who claim their birth experience..I am inspired and united to women via birth. Each birth I attend a gift has been shared with me,.one of surrender, resilience, strength, inner knowing, primal raw life.

What brings you happiness?

When are you most happy?
There are many things that bring me happiness and I have to say honestly, my purest love , most wild joy comes from being a mother. At the age of 21, I became a mother to a beautiful baby boy and upon knowing that I was pregnant, I really felt a complete surrender. A complete commitment to a a primal abandonment into the abyss of love nurturing connection. Joy chaos. I really didn’t see myself apart from the growth of my child. The birth of my child every waking moment. Every smile cry really. I felt I had become the greatest version of myself in a progressive feminist modern society that might not sit well or better said it might not resonate with all women. And that’s okay. I fully claim the role that I chose and I am proud and honored in every moment that I claim my greatest gifts to the world are my children. Maybe someone would say you should think more highly of yourself. You should expand your knowledge of yourself. You should liberate yourself as a woman and stand in your own power apart from being a mother. But I have to tell you that I gained liberation through motherhood. I gained power and knowing in sight through nurturing through giving my greatest love to my humans to the family I’ve created and I wouldn’t choose my journey to be any other way.

Missoula Montana

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Missoula Newborn, Maternity, LIFE Photography

 A few weeks ago I read something and I wish I could find the source of this comment, but it has to do with that in this digital age and now especially stepping into AI, we can produce anything. The masses can get their hands on anything digital and so there is a movement and there are people that are turning back to valuing lifestyles that are of the basics of surviving and thriving and people who are turning back to valuing slower products and crafts. And although for now I continue to offer a hybrid of products/digitals.
I do see my clients really valuing and appreciating things that can be held, or art that can enrich their home spaces. The albums that are created through my studio offerings are so beautiful to the eyes and sensual to the hands, beautiful experience of sensation of leather or linen and turning pages versus consuming via the glow of a screen.
So I invite you to co-create with me and turn back to craftsmanship. That is slower, intentional, valuable and sensational; also= Timeless and heirloom.
Love Jenna

Women’s Retreat | Puerto Rico Retreat

Missoula created, Local & International Retreats

Haha!! The part about being bold. Here we go! Over the past 2 years. We have gotten feedback from some women who are considering participation that they thought it was wise or at least appreciated seeing images from the retreat that were not nude or suggested nudity and I’m here to say something about that. You don’t actually have to reveal in the nude but I want to stop hiding behind the clothed images. I want us to stop telling women and telling each other that we want to be perceived in a certain way. But then when it comes down to it, it’s so cathartic, such rich medicine and so healing to be witnessed with all the veils removed. And I’m going to tell you something and maybe it’s not actually a secret but it seems like it’s been kept a secret. I would have to count our participants in the last 3 years. Out of all of them, there is only two women who chose not to get naked. These are women from all walks of life. Women in corporate want to reveal They want to be witnessed. Their stories are powerful. They’re coming home is profound. They have skin. Their skin is a roadmap. They are beautiful. They get naked.
Women who come to the retreat Who are moms, Who have spouses who have 9 to 5 jobs from all over the United States They get naked.
Social workers REVEAL nude, massage therapists reveal nude, CEOs of shoe companies reveal nude, music teachers reveal nude, computer tech women reveal nude, speech therapists reveal nude, entrepreneurs reveal nude, psychiatric nurses reveal nude, book publishers reveal nude.
Your fully nude images do not need to be shared to the world at large , it’s not mandatory…
But I don’t want to tip toe this subject.
I will share the images that have been released to me. When you see these images you can think, dang how epic.

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Selling Art | Finding the host

I’ve had the conversation with my husband-

What do you want for your future within music and teaching and the answer comes the same way each time- he wants to be involved in performance art in some fashion. My husband has been in a number of bands over the years, this is the side gig he speaks of that adds that element of fulfillment to his career as a musician and music teacher in Missoula.

I get it. Like being on stage performing, I have a deep desire to show and sell my art! It has been slowly burning away at me for the last two years. What is the block? Why hasn’t it happened? Well first off, finding the venue to display my art is the first block. I am looking for a highly trafficked storefront/gallery that will proudly display my art- which involves nudity- oh my gosh- yes that’s right, nudity. I guess that’s really it folks. I need space to hang. Online is available of course, but I think there’s nothing like seeing the piece up close and personal. So I will continue my quest for the brave, gritty, forward thinking, modern establishment to host me.

Stay tuned!

I eat cake, literally & figuratively

Art is sweet, bitter, makes me salivate and upon the last angle/edit, I am always wanting more. Thus somewhat equivalent to cake. I love a good dense, rich chocolate cake. I love a nourishing, nurturing motherhood session too- same kind of bliss.

Here is my last favorite chocolate cake recipe. https://www.mybakingaddiction.com/the-best-chocolate-cake/#_a5y_p=4482307

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For the love of connection

We co-create

Maternity Missoula

This process is reverent. We think boldly & with simple form. Watch for the light, use the breath to guide us.

Presentation session

Present to honor

Witnessing the art together, so we can share in the joy, emotions, and use language to compliment/narrate the intention of the images.

Spring Mini Sessions 2022

I value creating a container for women where THEY/SHE feels seen, heard, believed, revered, uncensored, beloved.

©Jenna Nord Photography



  hours  minutes  seconds


Spring Mini Sessions 2022- BOOK BY:


Spring Mini Sessions 2022

Hosting 2 days of Spring Mini Nurturing Sessions!
Don’t delay, Mini sessions usually book out & the sessions are highly discounted.
Two dates- June 10 & June 18
June 10= In Studio only ( 4 sessions available )
June 18= In Studio only | 2100 S Higgins ( 6 sessions available )
20 minute session.
Studio session, groups limited to =max 3 people ( 4, if one is an infant )
Includes 15 digital files curated by photographer.

. Referral reward? If you refer a friend to inquire about the Mini Session, they book= you and your friend will receive $50 in store credit.
Cancellation- In the event that less than half the days slots book, Jenna Nord Photography reserves the right to cancel the event. You will be refunded your investment.

Exclusive & Limited


June 10

Nurture the essence of you. Nurture your belly, or baby, partner, or young kiddos.

$395 value= priceless ($650+)


June 18

Nurture the essence of you. Nurture your belly, or baby, partner, or young kiddos.

$395 value= priceless ($650+)


Missoula Birth | Ethics

Code of Ethics

Ask your photographer if they follow a code of ethics…ask them to tell you more about it…

The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers Code of Ethics is intended to encourage and preserve the integrity of the birth photography industry.


Birth photographers are expected to exhibit professional conduct at all times.  This includes interactions with clients, peers, medical professionals, birth team members, support staff, administration and others.  Remember that in each interaction you are the face of the birth photography industry and you represent us as a whole.

It is expected that you will follow all hospital and birth center rules and regulations.


Be honest and kind to clients, peers and other birth professionals.


It is an industry standard to ensure you have backup gear when shooting birth photography.

Birth photographers should carry appropriate insurance for their business.

Be accountable to your clients.  Abide by your contract in regards to being on call, image delivery and archiving.


Copyright infringement is strictly prohibited.  This includes both image theft and plagiarism.

Birth photographers should have the appropriate business license in accordance with their local laws and regulations.

Birth photographers shall pay tax in accordance with the local, state, regional and national laws.

Birth photographers should utilize legal contracts with all clients to protect both their business and their clients.

Discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, age, disability or other factors is prohibited.


Birth photographers will show respect for the birth space at all times.  This includes respecting the birth choices a family makes, the birth team, care providers, location rules and family members involved.

It is important to remember that the job of the medical staff is a higher priority than getting a particular photograph.


It is expected that birth photographers will provide the client with confidentiality in accordance with your contract at all times.  This is particularly important when sharing your presence at a birth as well as images, especially those of intimate nature, on social media.  Always be sure you have permission before sharing.

© 2009-2020 International Association of Professional Birth Photographers  |  birthphotographers.com

Thursday Pop Up

Pop Up Special Offer

5:00pm May 19th (40min session) In -Studio 2100 S Higgins Includes All (25+) hi resolution digital files & hosted mobile gallery app. Valued @$995


Pop Up Special Offer

6:00pm May 19th (40min session) In -Studio 2100 S Higgins Includes All (25+) hi resolution digital files & hosted mobile gallery app. Valued @$995


Embodied Women; Missoula & Globally

Do you believe every woman should experience the power of being witnessed for exactly who they are?

 Our soul work is to call women to the edge of their comfort zone to bring forth the wisdom that’s waiting to emerge. We hold women when they are at their most vulnerable mentally, spiritually, and physically through tender nourishment and patience. We honor women in their skin and worthy stories. We reflect back the power and love we see in each woman.

Our path is uncensored | unveiling your inner truths

Our path is radical Self acceptance.

Our path is Sacred Witnessing.

Our path is to love.

Jenna & Leah Co-Creators of REVEAL Retreat. https://www.leahlovelight.com/REVEAL-puerto-rico

Working with Jenna has been amazing! As someone who has never done a photo shoot of any kind, much less one where you slowly transition from dresses to the complete nude, I did not know what to expect. But Jenna did a phenomenal job of making me feel comfortable, and captured my “maternity” in an incredibly beautiful, powerful and artistic way. I actually showed my maternity photos at my baby shower, something I never would have seen myself doing, but I was inspired to show my girlfriends my raw feminine and they loved it! Would recommend to anyone who wants to capture this amazing time in their life, Jenna will show you a side of yourself you did not know existed. Jessica Telleria

Response from the owner2 weeks ago

Jessica, thank you for sharing your vulnerable self with me. Your practiced embodiment and your continued practice of self-love / acceptance is refreshing, inspiring and breathtaking! I look forward to our next chapter together- your Birth!

Motherhood Missoula & Collective Consciousness

Hayley Austin

2 months ago

We reached out to Jenna to do newborn photos for our daughter. We first spoke about what we were wanting to accomplish with the photos and what we were envisioning. When we went in to do the shoot she made us feel very comfortable and at ease. She was very patient when my baby got fussy and put on soothing music. The cherry on top was the in person presentation of the photos. I was expecting excellent photos but was blown away with what I saw. Her passion for her craft is evident in the way she talks about the photos and how excited she gets showing them. I can’t wait to cover my walls in these photos and I will forever adore them. I can not suggest using Jenna to capture these special and intimate more!


I hold Radical love of her, love of women, love of motherhood.

Radical acceptance- the practice to sit with your essence. We will heal the world one birth, one mama, one motherhood journey at a time which creates a ripple effect- extending the divine woman to the divine man. We will do this together in the end, if not now.

Savage Living

Savage Daughter

Sarah Hester RossI am my mother’s savage daughter
The one who runs barefoot
Cursing sharp stones
I am my mother’s savage daughter
I will not cut my hair
I will not lower my voiceMy mother’s child is a savage
She looks for her omens in the colors of stones
In the faces of cats, in the falling of feathers
In the dancing of fire
In the curve of old bonesI am my mother’s savage daughter
The one who runs barefoot
Cursing sharp stones
I am my mother’s savage daughter
I will not cut my hair
I will not lower my voiceMy mother’s child dances in darkness
She sings heathen songs
By the light of the moon
And watches the stars and renames the planets
And dreams she can reach them
With a song and a broomI am my mother’s savage daughter
The one who runs barefoot
Cursing sharp stones
I am my mother’s savage daughter
I will not cut my hair
I will not lower my voiceWe are all brought forth out of darkness
Into this world, through blood and through pain
And deep in our bones, the old songs are waking
So sing them with voices if thunder and rainWe are our mother’s savage daughters
The ones who run barefoot
Cursing sharp stones
We are our mother’s savage daughters
We will not cut our hair
We will not lower our voiceWe are our mother’s savage daughters
The ones who run barefoot
Cursing sharp stones
We are our mother’s savage daughters
We will not cut our hair
We will not lower our voiceWe are our mother’s savage daughters
The ones who run barefoot
Cursing sharp stones
We are our mother’s savage daughters
We will not cut our hair
We will not lower our voice

Missoula Birth Photographer | Doula Support

Coined by the late Jeannine Parvati Baker – the term “birthkeeper”refers to a woman who not only supports a mother during pregnancy, the birth and the time after but even more importantly, encourages women to know their rights, empower themselves with knowledge to ensure that we as women are claiming our responsibility …

I am really resonating with this label. Even though it is just that, a label. Doula, Birth Support person, Birth Keeper, Great Auntie, My Best Friend. I had a great conversation with a retired midwife about doula work. We discussed that women who hold space for women, with innate wisdom, groundedness trust and more ARE the support, are the doulas are the keepers. Our society can put whatever name to it. We can create programs, trainings and standards. But you know what you know deep within when you are a Birth Keeper. Your gifts cannot be taught or articulated through a course.

I am a mother of 4, I am a birth worker, birth photographer, women’s essence witness.- truly.

Should I have a Birth Keeper?

Do you want to increase your chances of having the birth you desire?

Do you want to tap in to your power as a woman?

Do you want continued physical, mental and emotional support focused completely on you?

Do you want to take pressure off dad or help him become more in tune with you?

Do you want to be an active participant in your birth?

Do you want to be cared for instead of managed?

Do you know that you are in charge of your birth, body and baby and you can say no or decline any medical procedure that doesn’t align with your families values?

If you answered yes to any of these then you should have a birth keeper.

“Jenna! I love seeing your work on these birth pages that were so much a part of helping me get to my dream of a homebirth. It’s so much more than just the social media though. It gives me chills. Your work is changing the world girlfriend! Thank you thank you thank you! I just have to express it to you because I think it all the time.”

— Nicole Foster, Butte Montana Birth Client

Demise Photography. Heroes. Community Medical Center. Missoula Montana

Be a hero of humanity.

How does that work?

Birth Stories

When you invest in certain businesses they might donate 1% to world hunger, etc. You’ve seen this right? Why do we love it and why does the company let us know? Because, of course- we want to be part of something BIGGER than ourselves. We LOVE knowing that our purchase paid it forward to better humanity. The company/business rejoices in the bigger hand they have on a community, national, or global scale- so it’s a great thing to brag about!!!

How does this post relate to Jenna Nord Photography?

I’ve been talking alot in recent weeks about how a woman becomes her own HERO of humanity when she invests in her birth story because: 

Your birth story is one of your greatest contributions to humanity.  When you invest in your Birth Story you contribute to Your own Empowerment, Your own Validation, Your own Celebration, Your own Healing.

When women are empowered, validated, celebrated and can heal- what kind of ripple effect does this have on our communities, on our world? Personally, I think the ripple effect COMPARES TO NONE. I’m saying, I believe the results cannot be quantified, they are unconquerable, insurmountable …….

Let’s say this belief is up for debate and you’re not 100% sitting in the same camp with me-

How else are you a HERO in relation to Jenna Nord Photography?

Volunteer Demise Photographer

Investing in my business ( which is investing in your memories)- allows me to VOLUNTEER my time to give priceless images to bereavement  families. I currently am the soul volunteer for Community Medical Center- and provide families with demise photography. These photographs will be the only photographs they have of their baby, forever.

Hello 2021. Welcome

As blood pooled up around my shoulders soaking into the gorgeous nursing bra I insisted I wear into surgery; I held her. 

I held her so close at the most awkward angle with the blue, tacky, plastic pressure cuff on one bicep- crushing it 

And intravenous tubing streaming out of my other hand

I held her. I felt her warmth and my tears burned my cheeks as they traveled and filled up my ears. 

I had some fierce mama beast mother hold on her, with one arm- ya know-

That hypothetical scene where if one person had mentioned taking her from me, some grace of gaia would have lunged me from the bed, literally spilling entrails- that were not sutured back into me- the free fist raging…

That didn’t have to happen…it’s just that intense.

Charge nurse, my sister, that day. Happened to be. After we had discussed that I rather not have her be my nurse ( strained dynamics). The hospital was under staffed so she was on the floor. The floor with me. She set my IV, she made everything as non-awkward as possible 

AND she gave me the gift that was the catalyst to my career. 

My sister asked if I wanted some pictures- fine yes, I said.

She captured that mama beast hold for me, she documented my husband cutting the cord- the photos gave me sight. The photos gave me a story, and gave me healing ( 3 previous cesarean births) and gave me life. 

Hello, welcome. I’m Jenna- creator, artist, mother. Birth keeper. And so much more. But thank you for being here. Your story is worthy and I will be your honored witness. 

I want to see your lines, the hard and soft. I want to love your skin through my honest photography. I want to savor your baby’s first moments with accurate, artful documentation. I want to show you, your power. Let me share with you my cesarean stories, I hope they warm your belly. Where there is shadow, I will capture it’s richness. Give me light, I will give it back unfiltered. I want your real. I want to be amongst the dust of your life.

I am a mother in Missoula Montana. I have four children. I am a wife. I know clutter & chaos. I know diapers on the back porch. I know golden retriever love, and the endless hair. I know sleepless nights, piled high dishes and breast milk engorgement. I am made of stretch marks and scar tissue. I am shaped by 9 years of breast feeding. I know feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders with a small, perfect babe in my lap. I know deep, loneliness. I know an abundance of joy and pride through motherhood.

My Professional Birth Photographer Affirmation

I am a birth photographer because documenting the transformative in women is priceless, powerful, humbling, validating, and essential to my clientele. It is essential to advocate for women and women’s birth choices. It is essential to uplift women in their birth story. It is a tool for healing and education. It is a way to build a community around women. It is also a private, secret story to relish in the heart and share with the child- the coming earth side.

A study in life and death and derma

This was my first experience where I was witness to the mighty tone of a midwife. I have heard some intense instructions before but this was a few page turns of a thick board book in comparison to just a verse.
Birth seconds feel like stretched out minutes and when baby is not in optimal flow..this time passing feels like a pause while holding your breathe while having a galaxy of aliveness and death dance and rush through your veins. The room is primal, thick, humid
911 was summoned.
Commands were given.

Movements in the room are curated, more precise at the same time spontaneous because this is birth.
A flash of fight flight or freeze lights up in my peripheral, a mental rolodex with client intake forms spins,
“In case of an emergency would you like me to keep documenting, stop or trust my judgment.? “
For 8ish years I have been told to trust my judgment. That is a huge risk to take on.
I keep shooting. Rapid fire shots followed by longer than usual pauses to reassess- where do I need to be to do my job but be out of the way of the medical birth team? Is my perceived importance actually valid? Is this next shot crucial to the story?
Just like a balloon releasing, but in the opposite direction- all the air gets let back into the room as baby takes his breaths.
911 walks into a managed and thriving space, they are called off.
Mother has already, seamlessly begun to nurture….
The story settles deep into our derma.
As the world around brushes at it like dust.
But we know.
Birth keepers.
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Where can we go from here

This is the place where I’m most wanted, where everything I am comes from…..( Story Hill)

These lyrics grab me in the gut. Where everything I am comes from. REVEAL is such a place, a space that is above all things and withing you all at the same time. The wisdom and coalescence of women’s heart power is undeniable. I descend the stairs to my home and anticipate coming home to myself as I enter my office for RETREAT. Each retreat is infused with elements of script and spontaneous download from leader Leah Lovelight. I am a co-host and participant and I learn and feel something novel each time I come to sit in witness with the REVEAL. It has been a wondrous journey, letting this extension of ourselves unfold for and with women as women.

What have we created? Or what have we found within that we are stimulated by time, place, connection to offer?

It was absolutely important to the fabric of our offering to include locally crafted gifts. We support small local business women in Montana. We are conscious capitalism. From our Retreat you will continue to flourish via your self nourishment and discovery this will cause a ripple effect in to your home, into your community for greater good.


4 virtual experiences + 1 intimate photo session + Handcrafted Kimono & Earrings + Elemental Self-Care Ritual + Celebration Ceremony


We come to an offering with concrete tangible items and with concrete personal or business visuals- but we know that this work extends far past what we can see right before us. You know that you are composed of more than what meets the eye and that is what is being found, connected with, expressed, witnessed, captured.


“This created space for me to dive in deeply with myself + others in a way that created so much overwhelming love for myself and my body in such a short period of time.”

We facilitate and photograph your quest to intimate self-connection through reflective self-care to REVEAL the beauty and light that resides within, so you can witness, celebrate and fall in love with the power of your story.


“Straight up one of the most magical, empowering and fun couple hours of my life. An experience I could relax into and embrace the goddess who lives in my body and envelops my soul.”



Give yourself the gift of REVEAL!
Enjoy February REVEAL Retreat for an investment of $1,650 compared to $2,900


4 virtual experiences + 1 intimate photo session + Handcrafted Kimono & Earrings + Elemental Self-Care Ritual + Celebration Ceremony



  • The beauty and the light of your story that resides within.
  • Intimate connection to your physical body.
  • The power of what your body is capable of.
  • The a loving relationship with self.


  • Negative body narrative of not being beautiful exactly the way you are.
  • The belief that you are not enough or worthy.
  • The feeling that you don’t belong, or you are too much or too sensitive.


  • Your radiant inner light and embrace being fully seen.
  • 100% empowered acceptance of your presence.
  • Confidence, trust, safety, worthiness, and self-love.
  • Appreciation for yourself – flaws and all.


I value your voice! Question of the day-


the REVEAL is coming soon, it’s been in existence just not at this level. we are leveling up – to a retreat experience. Nourish your self, reveal your story – so you can fill the cups of those you work with, those you love, your community. choose to receive the gift. a deep dive experience, a quest for self intimacy, guided practice of reflection, climaxing with your physiological expression photographed- for personal and brand pleasure!

The Keepsakes

It’s all online these days. How does it FEEL? Many of us have appreciated the convenience of online, the ability at least to keep opportunity open. There are some things that just do not equate online. Think of this when you consider your photography investment. A screen just does not replace warm, tender shared moments of tactile memories. Fill your home with photography on the walls, on the shelves and in your hands.

International Day of the Midwife

Mother’s you belong here. We do this, we can do this, if we choose; together. Even if you are physically alone you have the collective shoulders and hips of all the women of the world and those that have come before you- in birth!!!
International Day of the Midwife.

Here is my story about Brenda-
Brenda opened her doors and arms to me. She cared, she listened, she supported me. I lucked out- it was timing- most likely- but I was one of the first of inner circle people to hear that the midwifery unit was being closed down/ this was a “perfect” time for Brenda to retire. I actually cried. I visited her at her office and she too had tears in her eyes. It was a crazy feeling. But I was grieving the loss of her connection and the loss for Missoula- less options, based on the bottom line.

Here is my most beautiful story of Brenda:

I witnessed Brenda support birth in the most tender way- the most tender that I had seen up to that point in my career as a Birth Photographer.
Not only was Brenda present, throughout the birth, she was hands on. She used oils and massage stones on our mutual client. Brenda caressed. Brenda checked in closely- close in proximity, looking deeply into mama’s face.
What blew my mind was Brenda climbed into the hospital bed with her birthing mama client and comforted her, snuggled her, held her. I drew my breath in as I witnessed this. I would never be the same. I am so honored to have seen such beauty that day between provider and patient, between women.

What are your favorite midwifery moments? Please share and with permission I would like to share on my IG stories.

Fresh48- Digital files. Missoula newborn photographer

This is what 62 images look like. This is your story, your Fresh48. I come to your place of birth or home within 48 hrs. I am on a soft- on call service, so that I can be available within 48hrs of your baby being born. I offer an herbal or floral bath if you like. I provided the flower crowns you see in the image below. I worked with local farmer Jessi- Dancing Dog Farm, to craft and supply me with these arrangements. The bath is not obligatory, it is a service that I provide that you can take advantage of. The Fresh48 is relaxed in nature and REAL. I am relaxed about what unfolds before my camera. Your family can be quiet, shy, rambunctious, joyful, messy- priceless. I am there for all of that.

If you decide to love and want to invest in all of your digital files from the session. That will be 30+ images, in this case 62 digital files.

What will you do with them all? This mama actually invested in a number of 8×10 prints. So she will have a lovely gallery wall. What will you do with 62 files? I am obsessed with albums and keepsake unbound albums. These are art that you can hold and share in touch. I happen to sit with my kids and we read books, alot of books. So, it makes sense that we love to look through books with pictures, baby books, photo albums! My kitchen is one of the busiest spaces in my home. I have two walls dedicated to the art projects my kids create or bring home from school and photography- OF THEM AND US AND ALL THE LOVE OF FAMILY.

Newborn photography. Missoula. Jacole Johnson

Bring baby in for a deeply nurturing session. This is a slow time. A time when it’s more important to delight in your exquisite newborn than anything else. I want to see you nurture. The way your hands delicately hold and cradle the small perfect babe you created. The skin, that’s new and the skin that has loved.

Montana Maternity Art

I choose to create art with my sessions. I really want you to work with me to create art together. What I will not give you is: pastels, mediocre and Jcpenny catalog. Don’t get me wrong I love Jcpennys- but the images that we visualize in the catalog- that’s not art, that’s not me or YOU.

Here is Missoula Montana, we have an amazing backdrop to work with and even the smallest of intimate spaces will hold us, just long enough to capture something truly stunning. I want to adventure and that doesn’t just have to do with outdoors. I do plenty of studio sessions and in- home sessions in Missoula. I want to adventure with you and your skin- your motherhood journey. When we talk and share- when you hear me- my motherhood stories- when we laugh together, the vulnerable slowly appears from behind the foggy veil of everyday. I get to see you, you get to feel me lOVE on you.

Megan Branz- she is a delightful mother of 2 now. Megan is up for anything, trusting me with a road trip, barreling up snowy mountains- then into the birth space- twice now! Megan gave birth at Community Medical Center for her first birth. Her second birth was a homebirth- attended by local licensed homebirth midwife- Ashley Hinton-Sharp. Megan’s births are pure magic to behold. She is strong and confident. Megan has shared her birth experience with me many times- she is empowered by them, ripped open, glowing. Megan caught her own baby boy just a few months ago, gently guiding him out from between her legs, into her arms- gliding back into the birth pool.

Missoula Maternity Photographer
Missoula Maternity Photographer
Megan was adjusting herself on the rocks when I captured this. It is one of my favorites. Showing her in natural movement. She is human, curved and angled, expecting- beautiful.

Collective Nurturing

This is the place where in front of me, you are most wanted. I want to see your beautiful nurturing. Breast, bottle, skin to skin. All is welcomed. Gather with 8 vibrant women. Celebrate your journey. Shed before me and create intimate space with others to create memorable, empowered art.

You are invited to adorn yourself with Donkey Girl Design wardrobe.

Prints will be ready by Dec 23.

Give yourself and your babe a gift!

Pay via payment button below.

Or save $5 and pay via Venmo

Here’s the link to my Venmo profile. Tap or click it, and be sure you’re finding my true self.


Nurturing session

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Delayed Cord Clamping. Ask the Midwife. Missoula Birth

The umbilical cord… that beautiful lifeline between a mother and her babe, coiled strong, pulsing blood and life for only a brief period once the baby is earth side… deserves our attention and praise. The benefits of leaving this in tact after birth has been an easy one for me since day one. I’ve never worked under a midwife who felt it wasn’t the standard of golden care. I have advocated for clients to their OBs and even CNMs to leave it only to be met with opposition and have even seen some occlude the cord saying “yep, it’s in tact” but not allowing it to pulse to the baby. Times are changing on this tide though. Finally OBs, and CNMs are following better guidelines and we are moving towards a norm of letting that cord pulse or delayed cord clamping. Why would we even do this? My question is why would we ever have not done this? Some of benefits are things such as decreased rate of resuscitation. This is a no brainer for home birth workers. We resuscitate babies when needed but almost exclusively we leave that cord in tact while doing so. The oxygen rich blood is my personal “insurance policy” while I may be helping a baby along to take her first breaths providing oxygen rich blood to the baby during this time. It eases the transition in any baby, not just the ones who need some help. The iron stores are increases and a 50% decrease in anemia can be found in newborns. Increase in myelin for brain function, stem cells, red cells, immune cells are also happening in this time. There is a 30% higher blood volume found in infants… I mean it is their blood after all. A decreased rate of brain hemorrhage and a decreased need for blood transfusions are also found. Premature babies are needing these benefits even more so than a term babe!
This entire process takes approximately 5-15 minutes. When the baby is born, reach down and feel that cord, feel that powerful force coming through. Know you are not only allowing the natural process to take its course but also giving your baby a better start. These fleeting moments are for wiping your own brow, listening for the first cry, reaching down and welcoming a new person into your world… all as it should be in tact, together, transitioning to the next phase of your lives side by side instead of as one. Written by Ashley-Hinton Sharp- Licensed Homebirth Midwife.

Ask the Midwife- Missoula- Birth

Missoula Homebirth midwifery 
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Missoula Midwife- Ashley Hinton-Sharp- of Heart- Strong Midwifery

Once the baby is born she is still getting oxygenated blood from the placenta. The beautiful placenta pulses and continues functioning for 5-15 minutes on average giving time for our sweet baby to take her first breath. Once she does that – lung expansion occurs, fluid is pushed out of the lungs. the ductus arteriosis and foramen ovale shut and blood flows through a path of least resistance much like adult hearts. I call the going from fish to frog. This all occurs quite rapidly, the baby turning from blue to pink usually within a breath or two, sometimes longer. Often extremities can remain blue and it is of no concern. The flushing of blue to pink is magical thing to see. It happens as quickly as a rainbow appears or disappears. I will admit I almost never see the actual act of the chameleon like switch as I’m holding the job down on many fronts in this moment but if you are lucky enough to catch it…it’s quite amazing, a miracle. It is usually the moment where my own heart falls in comfort of reassurance, hope and promise.

Missoula Woman- Family & Birth

Megan found me on Instagram- searching home birth hashtags for Missoula. When we consulted I was blown away by her fierce energy to have the birth experience she felt best for her self and her baby. She was this petite bubbly, messy bunned mama on the screen of my computer bursting with energy and chatter in the most positive light.
She was planning on a home birth. She talked with such conviction, such confidence, self love, reasonable expectations based on thorough birth research- I couldn’t help but be left with a tingling excitement for HER and myself- that I was being invited to witness her birth story.
I get to call Megan my friend. We have had countless birth aware and birth justice conversations over food and coffee dates. We have hiked together, laughed, cried, adventured, created art. I love her little family. I had the honor of photographing her first and now second birth stories. Megan is a lover, a lover of birth and women’s birth rights, lover of hard work, her husband and babies- you can see in her eyes and gorgeous dimpled smile she has a pure joy for life. She is a cup filler. Her children are lucky to have her. Our community is lucky to know her.

the scene

the birth scene in Missoula- in Montana ebbs and flows. the popularity of the most transformative day in a women’s life disappoints me. but when equality between the sexes is still a struggle – women’s birth choices, resources and support and overall reverence is minimal- then how can I count on the niche of Birth photography?

Missoula Birth Photography

those that book, stay booked, INVEST and receive the visceral unparalleled gift of a BIRTH STORY– back into their hands, is a very small percentage compared to the population of expecting mamas. my clients would make a lovely case study.

I wonder if my clients have achieved within themselves and their relationship with their partner and the world- ownership of the concept of VALUE? Do my clients harness worth differently than others? Do my clients hold women and women’s health issues with a sense of utmost importance? Do my clients revere childbirth, life? Do my clients practice self love and self care dropping the binding restrictions of the culture at large? I can be most intuitive about these things but cannot rightfully assume them as facts.

What I do know about my clients. They never regret investing in me. My clients never regret having documentation of their child’s first or last breath. I know that my clients respect my on-call, my sacrifice, my skill, my eye, my heart, and my art.

missoula nicu twins bonding with mother

the why

I provide a visual connection to birth for a woman, her family, her baby and if she chooses her community.
I hand back to the birth warrior, raw visceral validation, a story to celebrate and heal by. Documentation to point ones finger at and see the shimmer in the growing babe’s eye.
I cannot simple define the why of a birth photographer; myself.
I hold space for the birth mama and family, I photograph in the most challenging of light on the most intense physiological female journey. Through my lens I look for the supple transformation of birthing skin, the endearing love of a partner and sharing of primal birth perseverance and surrender.
I am your storyteller. ~ Jenna Nord Birth Photographer- 

Senior; An artful approach

Thinking about your senior photos?! Summer and Fall in Montana are a lovely time to book your session. It’s never too early. Fall is a popular time of year for senior sessions and capturing the autumn colors in Missoula. The calendar fills up fast. Upgrade your senior session with a family session. Your baby is graduating, update the family photos for your home.

I can’t wait to work with you, explore the Missoula landscape and create some art.

The dog hair of Life.

Almost a calendar year ago I had a great conversation with a birth mama client. She was telling me how she had recently referred my services to a friend of hers- a home birth mama. That woman replied that she wasn’t quite sure of having the photography done because her house wasn’t pretty and she didn’t want to worry about the mess and dog hair- she might be embarrassed to have me there and to photograph that.My client went on to say that she knew all that wasn’t a big deal and that I myself, had mess, and four kids and a dog. But not everyone does. Not everyone knows this. We discussed all the things that we understand as mothers, but when we aren’t connecting enough, or I AM NOT CONNECTING enough to a client base that is inviting me into a very intimate time- I am missing out on the understanding- if I too don’t share. I can be swimming in the current, in the fast, in the slow, in the depths of motherhood right along side you but you still won’t know me- I get it.

I have the most beautiful sunlight stream through my front room windows, the hard wood floors pick up the warmth and the yellow of the walls make the atmosphere so inviting- all ready for an afternoon nap maybe. And there is Golden Retriever dog hair everywhere. Hair under the piano stuck in the foot pedal, hair under the couch, on the backside of the couch and up the arm rest sides. When a door is open and shut the draft picks up hair and tornadoes it around the room. We vacuum, of course we do. At one point, one summer a long, long time ago- I took up vacuuming twice a day, that’s how much dog hair there was. That was unrealistic to think I was going to keep that up. So, I didn’t after a few weeks. We live with it because we loved her, Sugar, and now we love him, Jonas! But I get it, I get the dog hair everywhere and in the spaghetti.

Sugar, at the very end.

Welcome to the Studio. HeartStrong Center. Missoula Photography & more

UPDATE. Here we are, the Women of Heart-Strong Center. I was trying to pull off the ovary gang symbol- did I?

I know, I really need images of the space and the women running this HeartStrong Center. But I couldn’t resist announcing my opening with the magnifecence ( you know this word, even if it’s misspelled ) of a local mama, her babe and the photography art that came out of her and the space.


Missoula Woman owned small business


A sacred space to ground and gather

The Hummingbird Lodge is located in the Miller Creek Valley, just south of Missoula, Montana.  We are only 20 minutes from downtown. Our space is nestled up close to the mountains, far enough away from town to provide a beautiful sense of peace and serenity, yet close enough for your convenience.

Jessica is one lovely woman I trust and love. I have had the opportunity to grow to know her and her family over the course of many years of photography. Our most recent venture has been the photography branding of the Hummingbird Lodge.  The Lodge is a gem here in Missoula. I hope everyone has a chance to take a class or workshop through the space or enjoy it as an Airbnb.