Missoula Birth Photographer; hates this question

What is one question you hate to be asked? Explain.
As your Missoula Birth Photographer…I am planning for the most unpredictable life event…birth…
Much of my life I can try and plan for….and much not– am I right? When you are mom of four, your day can drastically change with the sound of a morning cough coming from your kiddos room, a phone call from your child’s school, etc…
Well this is a funny question to answer…but the truth is. I hate to be asked what’s for dinner? I feel pressured by the question. Half of the nights of the week, I don’t know what is going to be for dinner until I enter the kitchen. Now, I do shop for specific meals, but I actually let the day and how I feel & THE SCHEDULE of having a busy life with four kids—-when I enter the kitchen dictate what ingredients I am going to use to make the pre-thought of meal. I am creating all day long, I am making decisions all day long…don’t ask me what’s for dinner. It’s decision fatigue.
You will know what’s for dinner when I call you to help with dinner prep, or when it’s sitting in front of you at the table!
And we may just hop in the car and go and get dinner….it’s always a surprise over here in the Nord household.

Comfortable Shoes for Photographers | Missoula Birth Photographer

Comfortable shoes for photographers?
So what does Jenna Nord , Missoula Birth Photographer wear on her feet?

Hands down, my best pair of shoes are my black Blundstone boots. These boots are so versatile. I have worn them with dresses, slacks, to shoot weddings, hike into rocky mountain hotsprings for maternity sessions, standing and squatting in them for long hours at Birth Story Photography sessions and hiking Blue Mountain for my personal leisure time.
Blundstones are super comfortable- amazing quality, leather- and they are so durable. Blundstones offer the following benefits.

  • Comfort
    – Support
    -Shock absorption
    -Easy to clean

Empowered Birth Plan | Missoula Montana Birth Photography

Image from Home Birth Missoula Montana Photographer

Empowered Birth Plan | Missoula Montana Birth Photography

An empowered birth is one in which the birthing person feels in control and supported throughout the process. A birth plan can help clarify the birthing person’s preferences and desires for the birth experience. Here are some suggestions for types of empowered birth plans applicable to Missoula Montana and environments that can support an empowered birth:

Hospital birth with a midwife: Many hospitals offer midwifery services, which can provide a more personalized and supportive approach to birth. Midwives are often more open to using non-medical interventions and supporting natural birth. Check out ROOTS for an amazing, empowered birth experience.

Want an example of an epic empowered birth via ROOTS? Open your mind and emotions to this image.

Home birth with a midwife: For those who desire a more intimate and familiar environment, a home birth with a midwife can be a good option. This can provide a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, with the added benefit of being in one’s own home.

Birth center: Birth centers offer a more homelike environment than hospitals, with midwifery care and the option for natural birth. They often have amenities such as birthing pools and comfortable furniture to support the birthing person.

I have seen some badass empowered women give birth here! The Birth Center and Women’s Health Clinic.

Don’t overlook one of my favorite images of all time– the HEADER FOR THE BIRTH CENTER—-IMAGE TAKEN BY – Jenna Nord Photography!! Rad.

Water birth: Giving birth in a pool of warm water can provide relaxation and pain relief during labor. Many birth centers and hospitals offer this option.

Hypnobirthing: Hypnobirthing is a technique that uses relaxation and visualization to reduce fear and pain during birth. It can be done in any environment and can be incorporated into any birth plan.

Doula support: Having a doula present during labor can provide emotional and physical support to the birthing person and their partner. Doulas can also act as advocates and help the birthing person communicate their needs and desires to medical staff.

Personalized birth plan: A personalized birth plan can outline the birthing person’s specific desires and preferences for their birth experience. This can include preferences for pain management, interventions, and the overall atmosphere and environment.

Overall, the most important aspect of an empowered birth is that the birthing person feels supported and in control throughout the process. By exploring different types of birth plans and environments, the birthing person can find the options that are best suited to their needs and desires.

If you chose a repeat c-section,you’re welcome here.

Ifyou chose a VBAC,you’re welcome here.

If you chose to “see how it goes,” trust your doctor and walk into labor without a birth plan,
you’re welcome here.

Sometimes you see birth photographers celebrating VBAC or homebirth by saying something
like “She did it! She got her VBAC!”

But because we’re celebrating with that mama doesn’t mean we’re not also celebrating your
choice to choose a different path!

All birth plans are welcome here 🙂 Even the non-birth plans!

What’s your idea of an empowered birth? I’d love to hear
from you!