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Co-creating Art of your Essence

For Mamas that want to remember their life story in a deep, visceral way.

Jenna Nord Photography delivers visceral, connection- centered Birth Stories.

“More than one epic shot, this is the most transformative emerging, cracking you open, beginning, becoming- chapter of your life.”

“I create art with women who want to be WITNESSED belonging to themselves claiming the power of their divine body, so that they feel seen, heard, believed, revered, uncensored, beloved.” ©Jenna Nord

Best decision I ever made during my second pregnancy was hiring Jenna! She blew away my expectations, revealed different perspectives, helped heal, nourish, blossom, and most importantly brought longevity to this beautiful chapter of my life. I had no idea the strong, life-changing impact her art would bring to my life. Her art speaks for itself. She as a person is someone you have to know. Having her present in the most intimate and private times… felt completely safe & normal & actually extremely supportive. Her energy and love shines. I hope that every woman gets to experience having someone like Jenna to hold space for them . I would hire her again & again. ❤️ Dena DePompa 2021 Birth Story Client

Meet your Missoula based, International Award Winning Birth Photographer.

Capturing what is alive in you-

Hello my name is Jenna Nord and I believe women & their intimate experiences matter. As Missoula’s premier birth photographer & REVEAL Artist, I’m honored to document birth, & the intimate primal lives of women in Missoula, Montana, Puerto Rico & more. I capture raw, emotive, heart aching, teeth clenching, riveting moments & authentic love.  

As a professional birth worker, my ethics span not only LIFE, I surrender to the spectrum of birth which includes death. I value creating a container for women where THEY/SHE feels seen, heard, believed, revered, uncensored, beloved. ©Jenna Nord


You matter.

Your story and your baby’s story are worthy.


So much beauty and peace in this moment. You are more than a photographer. You get it…your reverence is so appreciated. Fern Creek Midwives

Jenna has now photographed two of my births. She is professional with her work yet a tender and kind presence in the birth space. She is so talented with the art of her photography and captures every special moment. Moments that you will be able to cherish forever so the memories never fade. Forever grateful for her work and what she has done for our family. Kendra Zander

Jenna has captured such precious and fleeting moments in my life. Not only is her photography a work of art but so is she. She exuberates love, compassion, and helps her clients realize the beauty and strength they have within. She captures these moments so beautifully. Her services are something I will forever be grateful that I had prioritized into my budget to ensure I could look back at these life changing moments forever. Truthfully I had a hard time not feeling guilty for purchasing a birth photography package from her. I felt like I was spoiling myself, and I didn’t deserve that. I am so so thankful that I did! If I hadn’t I know I would regret it. Spoil yourself! Let her capture that beautiful being she sees within you ❤ Thank you so much Jenna, we love you!!!

Nicole Foster