Getting Started Q&A

You want to hire a professional birth photographer to document the most transformative day of your life because it’s worth it!

I am honored to join you and your other birth supporters in this intimate space of birth.    My role as your birth photographer is to document the miracle of your baby’s entry into this world.  I value being quiet and peaceful.  That being said, I am a loving addition to your birth space. I chat with Dads who initiate nervous conversation. I will warmly be a helpful hand if a nurse needs to be notified of a need so that your partner can stay near. I have handed midwives their tools or notebook if I am the one closest. This is me. I am holding space for mama and the family and will contribute if I see a need.

I have no other tasks at hand, but to focus on your birth experience and to capture the emotions and expressions of those joining you in this moment.  My specialty is capturing unique and raw moments, telling the story of your labor and delivery, the story of your family growing, the story of your baby’s first breath and the first embrace!  The fresh, squishy moments of falling in love with new life.

What about a doula?

Great question. I am doula trained by a local Missoula midwife- Charlotte Creekmore. I offer soft doula support as an add on to birth photography. We can discuss what soft support would look like and how this pairs with my professional photography. If you are interested in a designated doula, I can refer you to many amazing doulas I know and have worked with.

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What does unlimited labor and deliver mean?

Your birth will be as unique as you and your baby.  Birth is unpredictable.  I do not charge by the hour, or by a block of time, but by the birth story.  Some stories take 3 hours, some 10, some more.  I will be there for you and your family.

When you choose Jenna Nord Photography, you hire me to be on call, just as your doctor, midwife, and doula would be.

You can trust me to have my phone on me at all times, 24/7.   If your birth story begins at 2a.m. I will answer my phone and be out the door.  During our consultation we will go over every detail so we are both prepared for the big day.

How graphic are the images you capture?

We will discuss, during the consultation, what moments you want captured and what moments you do not want captured.  Some women want the crowning moment documented and some do not, I am here to capture the moments you have your heart set on.

One-third of your total investment is required to reserve the time surrounding the due date to ensure availability. This fee is due at the consultation.  Fees are to be paid in full at the consultation or by 37 weeks. The retainer is non-refundable, but if for some reason I am unable to photograph the birth, through either my fault or the parents, (don’t make it to the hospital in time, forget to call me, act of nature or illness, etc), the funds are transferable to a Fresh48 or newborn session only.

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I know photography is important to cesarean mothers, because I had my own cesarean delivery photographed.

I believe every birth experience is worth photographing. I have experience in the OR documenting a cesarean, it was powerful!   Check with your doctor if I am allowed to follow you, if not, there are still many moments I’m able to capture during your birth experience.  Additionally, I arm your support person in the OR with a camera and I proof those images along with everything I take.  For more examples, please email me.

How many images will my gallery contain?

It varies because each birth experience is unique.  A longer labor and delivery will result in a greater number of images.  On average, you will receive approximately 75-150 finished images.

Because I want to deliver beautiful, fully edited images to you..

It takes approximately 4 weeks to cull and edit your gallery.  BONUS: I do post a sneak peek within 24hrs!

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I am honored to witness every person I get chosen by become a parent. The very first time and subsequent times; because every birth is magical and different.