Imagine having 12 months worth of photography & films. Milestone Sessions, for your family to cherish for generations to come!

WONDER LIFE 2023 Subscription

This 12 month subscription includes-

{ 5 } Film & Photography sessions, encapsulating your family, the love, the growth, traditions, big milestones and little magical moments.

Your PHOTOGRAPHY collections will consist of a minimum of 20 (x5 sessions) images that tell your story. Digital download and printing rights.

Your FILMS will be a live film (x5 sessions) that includes licensed music and original audio of your family- little voices, whispers, laughs, crying- the real stuff!

Each session will include your choice of tangible keepsake: ( deckled print, tri folio, matted/framed 8×10 )

Subscription holders will have priority access to the booking calendar during
Summer 2023, & Fall 2023.

Only 5 WONDER LIFE Subscriptions available.

As a creative, downtime is imperative to be able to rejuvenate to then bring my all to my clients. Only 5 families will be accepted for the January 2023 -January 2024 subscription.
The next subscription period will not be available until January 2024.

Cost at checkout reflects your WONDER LIFE investment to be billed monthly.
Over $2k saved over the course of 5 sessions!!!

I guarantee WONDER Life will make your family laugh & cry or your money back.


Close your eyes, what are the everyday things that will be lost to the everyday dust and hustle…..if you don’t document them now?

  • Your child’s speech
  • Motherese
  • Your child’s laugh
  • Your child’s singing
  • Your family’s games
  • Your family’s words of endearment
  • Your partner’s intricacies of affection
  • Your family’s budding bond
  • Sibling interactions
  • Your family’s routines: bathtime, bedtime, storytime, home life, farm life, pets, holidays, birthday party, summertime fun, Fall in MT,


Be in touch to learn more and start your journey.