the Reveal Retreat

We believe women should be witnessed for exactly who they are.

Our soul work is to call women to the edge of their comfort zone to bring forth the wisdom that’s waiting to come through. We hold women when they are at their most vulnerable both spiritually and physically through tender nourishment and patience. We honor women in their skin and their worthy stories. We reflect back the power and love we see in each woman. Validate. Breathe. Witness. Liberate. REVEAL.

Our path is to love.

Hell Yaaaas Queen!

I am ready. I am open. Details Please…


  • The beauty and the light of your story that resides within.
  • Intimate connection to your physical body.
  • The power of what your body is capable of.


  • My negative body narrative 
  • I’m not enough
  • I am not worthy
  • I am not beautiful
  • I am too sexy
  • I am too sensitive
  • I am too much
  • I don’t belong


  • Your radiant inner light and embrace being fully seen.
  • 100% empowered acceptance of your presence.
  • Confidence, trust, safety, worthiness, and self-love.
  • Appreciation for yourself – flaws and all.


“REVEAL was an opportunity for my heart to be witnessed and my body to be celebrated.”


“Straight up one of the most magical, empowering and fun couple hours of my life. An experience I could relax into and embrace the goddess who lives in my body and envelops my soul.”


“REVEAL is a healing, grounding experience where women come together to share their stories, pain, joy to help empower other women!”

Let’s REVEAL together.