Primal Medicine Boudoir

Do the Radical thing..

Practice self acceptance.

Practice Self love.

be a master & slave to self expression

full spectrum women

This Experience is for…

For those who want to experience themselves fully in their body.

For those who want to awaken and reclaim their senses.

For those who want a personal embodiement adventure.

For those who want to leave the experience with a refreshed vibration, activated power, thirst for more of your endless self.



“The primal medicine boudoir experience was life changing and empowering. I found a feminine energy and power within me during the individual session that brought me back in touch with my own sensuality. The individual session was integral to breaking out of my shell before the couple’s session. The couple’s session was a celebratory day full of connection with my partner in nature. Jenna’s ability to pause during hard moments to help ground me again, facilitate journaling through the experience, and incredible photography skills captured a deep and meaningful experience for myself and my partner. We can’t thank her enough.”



Jenna is both a master of her craft, and an true artist with breathtaking talent. From maternity and birth photography, to wonder life and primal medicine boudoir, I have been lucky to experience a full spectrum of her work, and every time, I am left more and more in awe at the incredible, beautiful, and powerful images she creates. She is so much more than a photographer, and her work embodies so much more than the final product. For me, it has been a journey and evolution into motherhood, and Jenna has allowed me the space to reclaim and discover the multitude of identities that coexist within me, not only as a mother, but as a woman- a lover, a partner, an adventurer, a healer, a friend, and much more. To see a reflection of myself in these images that I can be proud of and admire, is a gift that no one other than Jenna could have given me- her witnessing, her respect, her guidance, her professionalism, and in the end her friendship, allowed me to be seen in the most intimate moments. And the journey was made whole by every single step of the process- maternity, birth, wonderlife, and primal medicine (both my individual and couples sessions). So thank you, Jenna. And to those out there with any yearning to say yes, I encourage you to do so with all your heart and let Jenna do what she does best. I promise there will be no regrets.