the Reveal Retreat

For the Radical

the juicy, the seekers of liberation

be a master & slave to self

Hell Yaaaas Queen!

I am ready. I am open. Details Please…


your SENSUAL super powers


all the toxic, learned oppressive BULLSHIT

My negative body narrative 

I’m not enough

I am not worthy

I am not beautiful

I am too sexy

I am too sensitive

I am too much

I don’t belong


your PRIMAL identity


“REVEAL was an opportunity for my heart to be witnessed and my body to be celebrated.”


“Straight up one of the most magical, empowering and fun couple hours of my life. An experience I could relax into and embrace the goddess who lives in my body and envelops my soul.”


“REVEAL is a healing, grounding experience where women come together to share their stories, pain, joy to help empower other women!”

Let’s REVEAL together.