I had the privilege of photographing the birth of baby “B”. Baby “A” came quickly at home and I only heard of the whirlwind story. I met the family at Community Medical Center, quickly got on scrubs and waited to be allowed in the OR. What an intense, but beautiful day! more of the story soon….

As I photographed the twins in the transition room, (between OR and Mother and Baby) I had a very clear sense of how much time was passing.  I thought of Mom and how she was doing, what she must be feeling.  I photographed so many details of the events that occurred in the time in which the babies were not in their mother’s arms.  I wanted to be able to show Mom each little squirm, cries for comfort, cords that were “tangled”-wrapped up and attached to the twins, and Dad’s comforting presence.

When babies were finally in Mom’s arms, there was such a great feeling of joy and peace that filled the room.  Baby A (boy) was offered the breast, but I watched as he gazed up at Mom-he was in no hurry, he just wanted to look at her-Beautiful!


I came back later in the day to capture big sister meeting her new siblings for the first time!  Sister was so sweet.  She came bearing gifts, she was eager to get right up on the bed and be close. Sister looked at B’s toes, touched ears, asked about getting the twins in clothes, and finally asking when Mom could come home?

Thank you for choosing me to document your special day!