Missoula Woman- Family & Birth

Megan found me on Instagram- searching home birth hashtags for Missoula. When we consulted I was blown away by her fierce energy to have the birth experience she felt best for her self and her baby. She was this petite bubbly, messy bunned mama on the screen of my computer bursting with energy and chatter in the most positive light.
She was planning on a home birth. She talked with such conviction, such confidence, self love, reasonable expectations based on thorough birth research- I couldn’t help but be left with a tingling excitement for HER and myself- that I was being invited to witness her birth story.
I get to call Megan my friend. We have had countless birth aware and birth justice conversations over food and coffee dates. We have hiked together, laughed, cried, adventured, created art. I love her little family. I had the honor of photographing her first and now second birth stories. Megan is a lover, a lover of birth and women’s birth rights, lover of hard work, her husband and babies- you can see in her eyes and gorgeous dimpled smile she has a pure joy for life. She is a cup filler. Her children are lucky to have her. Our community is lucky to know her.

Missoula Birth Photographer

May was amazing! I was blessed to be the witness at 3 — THREE– births!  I was able to share space at familiar stomping grounds- Missoula Birth Center. I was also warmly invited into two new birth facilities- Butte and Anaconda. All three stories are so different, beautiful and warm. All the staff and family holding space for three, different, amazing mamas.  I am so lucky to give the gift of photography back–.  For you I witness and give it back. This is your story. Your baby’s story.

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