She is coming. Vesna, Persephone, Danu….

She is coming. Spring. Vesnu, Persephone, Danu, Ataegina, Ostara, Kore…

She comes to us, here in Missoula, quietly. I would say, she comes with a touch of reluctance. Taking time; there is still bitter cold. Spring awakens slowly, uncurling beauty from the slumber. Soft, rich songs to leave the bed of winter. Spring comes not polished, but messy, unkept. Raw chords resonating, pushing vibrant moods and colors,,yet lingering shadows. Spring the in between. Equinox. She is on her way.

flower crown by – Earth Within Flowers


Cautious, Secret and Musky

Cautious, Secret and Musky

Model’s choice.

This concept session was most rewarding. I am so blessed to photograph this unkept beauty.  She really is the essence of Spring in my opinion.  Bonding time for my daughter and I, roughing the wild, crossing streams, hiking up to mossy ledges to achieve the feel and look we were after.  We found our footing together.  She is brave and cautious, intimate and bold. A heart beat in darkness reaching for the light.