Birth Mama! Birth Community. In the near future I will be offering full birth films. I have mentored under the amazing Monet- Birth Becomes Her. AND, I need continual practice. MARCH mamas, book your March birth and receive a complimentary fusion keepsake. What is a Fusion Keepsake? This is a birth keepsake made up of still frame photography and live film clips. Clips will contain such moments as: early labor, baby’s first cry, your partners initial reaction upon deliver, and first latch- breast feeding.

Please share with any one you know who is bringing a baby earthside in March. If someone loves this idea and is delivering during another month, still have them be in touch. If applicable, the offer may still stand.

Vision Board. Part I

The Birth Warrior moves through our world and our lives with fierce determination, compassion, grace, and freedom. She is passionate about truth, love and knowing. She is a silent tracker, a skilled hunter and fluent in the primal roar! I love knowing that the birth warrior is present all of our days, not just when we are bearing children!