Missoula Montana Birth Photography. Jenna Nord

What 50 words and fancy key words will reach you?  What time of day and tag line will turn your head?  The birth warrior exists and appears regardless of SEO and Instagram.

The Birth Warrior moves through our world & our lives with fierce determination, compassion, grace & freedom. She is passionate about truth, love & knowing. She is a silent tracker, a skilled hunter & fluent in the primal roar!

-taken from an attended Birthing From Within workshop-



Newborn Photography. Missoula.

Baby Arlo on the Blog today.

His rich blue blanket, I just had to keep. So warm, and snuggly. Minimalist photography, if I can claim that. Minimal in that I minimally disrupt the babe.  Learning to work with what you’ve been given; the new life, the intimate environment, the personal linens = genuine beauty!newborn-0198.jpg