Missoula Newborn Photographer.

I have a go with the flow practice. See that little hand tucked aside the chin, that is natural. Little Arlo went right for that pose and my eye sees it as so tender and sweet.  I love when parents come for their Presentation session and say, “Oh look, the thing he does with his hand!” These are the things, as parents, we don’t want to forget. We promise ourselves we won’t.  I really wish I could remember my daughter’ s little voice singing bedtimes stories to ME!  She made up the greatest, silliest, full of love songs. I had good intentions of taking her to my husband’s recording studio to try and reenact her song, and mostly capture her voice at that tender age of 3, but I didn’t make it. Within 3 weeks she wasn’t singing those songs anymore.  What don’t you want to forget?