Inside. Part 3.

My youngest lovey. I seriously can’t get enough of her. She’s the morning hug, that’s a total embrace, complete with leg wrap, and warmth.  I gobble her up. We talk often of not growing old. She says she never wants me to die and I kid that we could put the same number of candles on her cake that we did last year. Once a week she asks me to hold her like I did when she was a baby upon bedtime. I do. I cradle her in my arms and sing sweet lullabies.  We are Pisces girls. We engage in like activities and talk about how they will be our forever activities even when she’s older. Hiking, painting, dancing. As long as she wants me I’m always going to be there to meet with my sunshine girl.

Missoula Birth Photographer. Inside. Part 1.


Oh man! Do I love that I get to be part of this big world with these little, getting so big people!  I am a mother of 4.

Last weekend at Quinn’s Hotsprings Montana. My husband and I chatted awhile with a nice couple sitting across from us in the hot, hot pool.  I thought, maybe they were not too much younger than us.  The conversation gave way to the question, do you have kids?  I said yes 4.  They had astonished looks on their faces. They had none, but dogs.

We chatted about where the kids were and their ages and how they loved Quinn’s as well.  Our conversation ended and 30 minutes later in the dressing room the women caught my attention to say,

” I think it’s amazing that you have four kids!”  I paused and smiled. I left space for her to follow up, because amazing because of what?  She did follow up, “Amazing, because I think of women being moms and the older I get realizing how much work that must be, you are really strong.”

I smiled again. And then warmly said, “Thank you. And, when you are living it, you don’t reflect on this much, but yes I suppose I am strong, thank you.”

I got in the car with my husband and told him the story. I said what I appreciated most about the experience is not WHAT she said, but that she felt compelled to say what she was thinking, to share her compliment.  That was really refreshing.

Ah Ha, life goal: To be someone else’s REFRESHING.

Missoula Birth Photographer. Published in Mamalode (my original)


The Birth Warrior moves through our world & our lives with fierce determination, compassion, grace & freedom. She is passionate about truth, love & knowing. She is a silent tracker, a skilled hunter & fluent in the primal roar!

-taken from an attended Birthing From Within workshop-


When I arrive the Birth Warrior is in the room. I slip into awareness silently, shut my eyes, breathe and without words bless myself and those in the room for the journey.

You know that I am capable and trustworthy.

You don’t know that I have goosebumps and when you breathe out I breathe in.


I see you as a fluid movement, moving towards life. There is patience and urgency. There is a youthful look to your face and novelty in your expression but your body holds steady then awakens in a rhythm that surges from your roots, mirroring our ancestors. There is a knowing in your limbs and in your throat and in the dust all around. You throw your head back and sink deeper into labor. I witness you meeting yourself; your birth warrior. And my tears for you are protected by the glass between us.

Life emerges. With a gift in your arms, you soften. All is soft and warm about you and your baby. The hours or minutes that were had vanish and nothing is clear beyond the story in your baby’s eyes and the serenity in the creases of your mouth; a new mother.


© Jenna Nord First Embrace Photography

Jenna Nord Mom of 4

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