Embodied Women; Missoula & Globally

Do you believe every woman should experience the power of being witnessed for exactly who they are?

 Our soul work is to call women to the edge of their comfort zone to bring forth the wisdom that’s waiting to emerge. We hold women when they are at their most vulnerable mentally, spiritually, and physically through tender nourishment and patience. We honor women in their skin and worthy stories. We reflect back the power and love we see in each woman.

Our path is uncensored | unveiling your inner truths

Our path is radical Self acceptance.

Our path is Sacred Witnessing.

Our path is to love.

Jenna & Leah Co-Creators of REVEAL Retreat. https://www.leahlovelight.com/REVEAL-puerto-rico

Working with Jenna has been amazing! As someone who has never done a photo shoot of any kind, much less one where you slowly transition from dresses to the complete nude, I did not know what to expect. But Jenna did a phenomenal job of making me feel comfortable, and captured my “maternity” in an incredibly beautiful, powerful and artistic way. I actually showed my maternity photos at my baby shower, something I never would have seen myself doing, but I was inspired to show my girlfriends my raw feminine and they loved it! Would recommend to anyone who wants to capture this amazing time in their life, Jenna will show you a side of yourself you did not know existed. Jessica Telleria

Response from the owner2 weeks ago

Jessica, thank you for sharing your vulnerable self with me. Your practiced embodiment and your continued practice of self-love / acceptance is refreshing, inspiring and breathtaking! I look forward to our next chapter together- your Birth!