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Haha!! The part about being bold. Here we go! Over the past 2 years. We have gotten feedback from some women who are considering participation that they thought it was wise or at least appreciated seeing images from the retreat that were not nude or suggested nudity and I’m here to say something about that. You don’t actually have to reveal in the nude but I want to stop hiding behind the clothed images. I want us to stop telling women and telling each other that we want to be perceived in a certain way. But then when it comes down to it, it’s so cathartic, such rich medicine and so healing to be witnessed with all the veils removed. And I’m going to tell you something and maybe it’s not actually a secret but it seems like it’s been kept a secret. I would have to count our participants in the last 3 years. Out of all of them, there is only two women who chose not to get naked. These are women from all walks of life. Women in corporate want to reveal They want to be witnessed. Their stories are powerful. They’re coming home is profound. They have skin. Their skin is a roadmap. They are beautiful. They get naked.
Women who come to the retreat Who are moms, Who have spouses who have 9 to 5 jobs from all over the United States They get naked.
Social workers REVEAL nude, massage therapists reveal nude, CEOs of shoe companies reveal nude, music teachers reveal nude, computer tech women reveal nude, speech therapists reveal nude, entrepreneurs reveal nude, psychiatric nurses reveal nude, book publishers reveal nude.
Your fully nude images do not need to be shared to the world at large , it’s not mandatory…
But I don’t want to tip toe this subject.
I will share the images that have been released to me. When you see these images you can think, dang how epic.

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Where can we go from here

This is the place where I’m most wanted, where everything I am comes from…..( Story Hill)

These lyrics grab me in the gut. Where everything I am comes from. REVEAL is such a place, a space that is above all things and withing you all at the same time. The wisdom and coalescence of women’s heart power is undeniable. I descend the stairs to my home and anticipate coming home to myself as I enter my office for RETREAT. Each retreat is infused with elements of script and spontaneous download from leader Leah Lovelight. I am a co-host and participant and I learn and feel something novel each time I come to sit in witness with the REVEAL. It has been a wondrous journey, letting this extension of ourselves unfold for and with women as women.

What have we created? Or what have we found within that we are stimulated by time, place, connection to offer?

It was absolutely important to the fabric of our offering to include locally crafted gifts. We support small local business women in Montana. We are conscious capitalism. From our Retreat you will continue to flourish via your self nourishment and discovery this will cause a ripple effect in to your home, into your community for greater good.


4 virtual experiences + 1 intimate photo session + Handcrafted Kimono & Earrings + Elemental Self-Care Ritual + Celebration Ceremony


We come to an offering with concrete tangible items and with concrete personal or business visuals- but we know that this work extends far past what we can see right before us. You know that you are composed of more than what meets the eye and that is what is being found, connected with, expressed, witnessed, captured.


“This created space for me to dive in deeply with myself + others in a way that created so much overwhelming love for myself and my body in such a short period of time.”

We facilitate and photograph your quest to intimate self-connection through reflective self-care to REVEAL the beauty and light that resides within, so you can witness, celebrate and fall in love with the power of your story.


“Straight up one of the most magical, empowering and fun couple hours of my life. An experience I could relax into and embrace the goddess who lives in my body and envelops my soul.”