Birth to Baby. First Embrace. Missoula MT

Holy smokes. Baby E!  She is a cutie pie, yes?  I had the privilege of photographing this little one’s entry into the world, and a year later I get to spend a few days in August taking care of her.  E, is a smiley wonderful little nugget of butter.  I love her squishy, cuddly babyness. Have I gone too far?  Well, I don’t have babies any more. So I am blessed to share in her delightful ways.  It is a time when pleasures are simple. E, crawls around my house in search of my older children and she crawls lopsided with a favored spoon in her hand. She is curious and entertained with the nesting doll measuring cups and plays with the fridge magnets, in the mouth, out of the mouth, in the mouth,,, and so on.  My favorite time, is rocking her with her nap time bottle.  It is still new to both of us, so I never know if she is going to go down for me or not.  She is quite trusting in the process. I love how E pulls at her bangs as she gets sleepier and sleepier all the while drinking her milk. This is the time I wish I had a go pro attached to my head. E is resting hot and peaceful in my arms with her fingers in her hair. I need this picture!!  Enjoy little E on the blog.

Daughter Snow Session

Personal Project.Young Women. First Embrace Photography.

Revisiting this collection in the Middle of August, no less!  Snowy weather and the cool crisp look refreshes me.  This girl has always been my muse. Although she finds herself in front of my camera often, she is modest. She struggles with body image and the ever present teen insecurities. Taking her into the forest, I want to ease her. I want to capture a glimpse of the inner warrior, the inner wild woman.  When she feels safe she lets herself seep out and then spill. What is revealed is a child, a young girl. We push or allow our girls to grow up so fast—-inside she is still yearning for the tickle time and belly kisses and story time. It’s hard to see with all the layers. It’s hard for her to see through all the emotions.  I’m just glad we are on this journey together and I am always close when she is ready to be herself with the world.