Newborn Photography Session Missoula

Newborn Photography Session Missoula

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What influences -Missoula Birth Photographer & Doula?

Who are the biggest influences in your life?

In relation to business and being an entrepreneur, my greatest influenced have been Neil Chaput owner of Rocky Mountain School of Photography..who exposed me to his summer intensive program when I was in middle school. That really was the catalyst for me having a curiosity around photography.

Then becoming a mother via cesarean, my sister ( charge nurse working my delivery) took photos of my birth and those photos completed and mended my broken heart over what I felt like was a crippling loss to my spirit,, this led me to take my photography and focus on the niche of birth. I wanted to give other women the chance to be healed, mended, to feel whole by having their birth story documented.

My children still are my greatest influences as I strive to be my best self to be their mother.

My husband who runs a thriving music studio in Missoula. Tangled Tones Music Studio. He influenced me with aspirations of being an artist, that we could do what we love and be successful. Often redefining what success is as an artist in Missoula.

My mom has influenced my life in knowing that I am worthy of adventure and travel.

The mountains influence me to find stillness, quiet, self care.

My birth clients influence me. These are the times in my life when I have been most moved by an empowered woman. Women who claim their birth experience..I am inspired and united to women via birth. Each birth I attend a gift has been shared with me,.one of surrender, resilience, strength, inner knowing, primal raw life.