Birth. What it is. Missoula Birth Photographer

Birth just IS. I have to start with that. The world of Professional Birth Photography is so tricky. Tricky in terms of what to post, how to crop. How will my images be received by society? Wow. Consider the workflow of a birth photographer. The added element of risk and judgement a birth photographer takes on surpasses – I believe all other forms of photography. We, risk being banned on social media platforms for sharing images of birth. Birth images are repeatedly kicked out of photography competitions trying to reason that said images might offend the overall audience. Birth photographers are constantly assessing their market to determine what types of birth images will be accepted or recoiled at.

Just think about that for a moment. If someone were to recoil at a birth image, doesn’t that speak volumes about that individual and their view of birth versus the artist? I say so. Looking at the big picture. – Society has yet to accept birth completely- accept women and our right to birth in a manner we choose, in a place that we choose (?)Yes, we are making waves in the community. There are more and more pockets of humans that love and appreciate birth and the sharing of the journey through images. We still have a long way to go.

This year 2017. I am unwilling to keep stunning birth images a “secret”. I will love what I do with complete abandon. Birth IS. I cannot risk stifling my passion and a women’s birth story for the sake of possibly offending some one individual. And maybe, just maybe…the more we start to look–really look at birth we all will be more accepting, uplifting, and empowering of women.

Thank you to so many. To private people and private groups. Friday coffee ladies. Local groups and online. Birth Becomes Her (closed) & The women of birth (closed). To the lodge and the sweat! Wow that was intense.
To my business coach and mountain friends. To intense soulful talks in the book store. Thanks to a family that blesses me with their childhood and love. A passionate man who sings to me. A mom who has presence. Open people, soulful people. People who have helped and let me help. People who press me to be better. Thank you Pattee Canyon, thank you Spain. Thanks to doors that shut, I preach being a pathfinder. All these, that I cannot go on, but enrich my sphere. In business this energy has transferred into- a Press Company contacting me in request to license 3 images for a lamaze book, September birth, December birth, January birth, coming February birth, May Butte birth, Winter portraits, Intimate Materntiy- , Newborns, —in all of these the relationships I’ve found! This week an opportunity – contact from a film maker after having seen one stunningly raw birth image and my caption.- updates to follow- and back to the beginning.