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Buy your photography session between now and February 29th! Book your session whenever you want. Save it for late September for a beautiful Fall family session or plan it for June when you want newborn photos. Anything goes. Use by Dec 1 2020. All sessions, excluding Birth & Weddings, can be booked with this SALE. – Yes, Fresh48 is included! This is a huge savings. Nearly $400 off. You get your session and 30 digital files for $500. Use VENMO? $10 off.

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Brand Photography. Newborn Photography. Fresh 48. Family Photography. Couples/ Engagement. High School Senior Photography. Maternity Photography.

Pre- Sale February Promo Session + Files

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Newborn photography. Missoula. Jacole Johnson

Bring baby in for a deeply nurturing session. This is a slow time. A time when it’s more important to delight in your exquisite newborn than anything else. I want to see you nurture. The way your hands delicately hold and cradle the small perfect babe you created. The skin, that’s new and the skin that has loved.

Montana Maternity Art

I choose to create art with my sessions. I really want you to work with me to create art together. What I will not give you is: pastels, mediocre and Jcpenny catalog. Don’t get me wrong I love Jcpennys- but the images that we visualize in the catalog- that’s not art, that’s not me or YOU.

Here is Missoula Montana, we have an amazing backdrop to work with and even the smallest of intimate spaces will hold us, just long enough to capture something truly stunning. I want to adventure and that doesn’t just have to do with outdoors. I do plenty of studio sessions and in- home sessions in Missoula. I want to adventure with you and your skin- your motherhood journey. When we talk and share- when you hear me- my motherhood stories- when we laugh together, the vulnerable slowly appears from behind the foggy veil of everyday. I get to see you, you get to feel me lOVE on you.

Megan Branz- she is a delightful mother of 2 now. Megan is up for anything, trusting me with a road trip, barreling up snowy mountains- then into the birth space- twice now! Megan gave birth at Community Medical Center for her first birth. Her second birth was a homebirth- attended by local licensed homebirth midwife- Ashley Hinton-Sharp. Megan’s births are pure magic to behold. She is strong and confident. Megan has shared her birth experience with me many times- she is empowered by them, ripped open, glowing. Megan caught her own baby boy just a few months ago, gently guiding him out from between her legs, into her arms- gliding back into the birth pool.

Missoula Maternity Photographer
Missoula Maternity Photographer
Megan was adjusting herself on the rocks when I captured this. It is one of my favorites. Showing her in natural movement. She is human, curved and angled, expecting- beautiful.