Missoula Birth Photographer. Published in Mamalode (my original)


The Birth Warrior moves through our world & our lives with fierce determination, compassion, grace & freedom. She is passionate about truth, love & knowing. She is a silent tracker, a skilled hunter & fluent in the primal roar!

-taken from an attended Birthing From Within workshop-


When I arrive the Birth Warrior is in the room. I slip into awareness silently, shut my eyes, breathe and without words bless myself and those in the room for the journey.

You know that I am capable and trustworthy.

You don’t know that I have goosebumps and when you breathe out I breathe in.


I see you as a fluid movement, moving towards life. There is patience and urgency. There is a youthful look to your face and novelty in your expression but your body holds steady then awakens in a rhythm that surges from your roots, mirroring our ancestors. There is a knowing in your limbs and in your throat and in the dust all around. You throw your head back and sink deeper into labor. I witness you meeting yourself; your birth warrior. And my tears for you are protected by the glass between us.

Life emerges. With a gift in your arms, you soften. All is soft and warm about you and your baby. The hours or minutes that were had vanish and nothing is clear beyond the story in your baby’s eyes and the serenity in the creases of your mouth; a new mother.


© Jenna Nord First Embrace Photography

Jenna Nord Mom of 4

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