Hair, and why it’s about my kids too!

Hair, and why it's about my kids too!

Growing out the pixie cut.-my youngest, age 4.
In May I was fortunate to take a wedding photography workshop with a very successful gal (I shall call her during this post). I learned so much during the eight hour class. We were given great information on marketing, building our websites and how to run a blog. This gal made a really great point: Don’t put images on your blog of things you do not want to photograph! So, if a photographer does not want to be contacted for family photography, DO NOT post images of families, even your own. I really thought this made sense, but there are always exceptions to rules and good advice. I like to introduce myself as a photographer that specializes in birth, this is my main focus. So if I were to stick to the “rule” I would only post images of births on my blog, right?! Well. Birth photography is a very special, very intimate thing. I want my clients to see me through my images, resonate with them. AND that means knowing I am a mother. So I post images of my children. I hope they are enjoyed.