Birth Photographer Missoula. First Embrace Photography

I just don’t have words.

I recently learned from an Art director that she has always worked with a writer. She thinks in images, he thinks in text and they go together so well. I need a writer. I see, not necessarily write.  Are you out there?  What would you say to perfectly match this image? What words would pair with this moment that could uphold it for all it’s worth, all it’s meant to say, evoke?  I’m not sure……


There just aren’t words….sometimes….I’m okay with that.


Missoula Newborn Photography. Family Maternity Center.

St. Patrick’s Hospital. Family Maternity Center. Professional Newborn Photographer. 

Did you know? That First Embrace Photography has been donating time to the Family Maternity Center for 1 year now? Since the opening of the new birthing center!  I photograph newborn babies on the first or second day of their lives’. Wow. So fresh and new. I love the ankle bands, if they are still on in the image. This is such an awesome point in time. By looking at that image you know just how new that life is. Just how pure and innocent and oh so sweet.