Missoula Birth Photographer. Inside. Part 2

Reflections. Conversations with community. Our beliefs.

Birth isn’t for me.

I used to say Oh I totally get that, yes not for everyone.

I don’t believe that. I actually never have.  I didn’t have the words to express differently though. It is one of those things we all do, say things, or agree for the sake of moving on. Moving out of awkward conversation.

I believe if you are having a baby, then Birth Photography is for you. It is for every woman.

The bigger question to ask is , Why do you think it is NOT for you? What has informed you in your upbringing, in our culture-that birth is not beautiful and not to be documented?

I don’t want images of me during labor, I wouldn’t want to see that.

Why?  Who or what informed you that struggle is not beautiful and is something to hide?

The struggle is beautiful, coming out on the other side is empowering, birth is life, and joy, and beauty.

Struggle, life, joy and beauty ARE FOR EVERY WOMAN, every one.


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