Missoula Birth Photographer; hates this question

What is one question you hate to be asked? Explain.
As your Missoula Birth Photographer…I am planning for the most unpredictable life event…birth…
Much of my life I can try and plan for….and much not– am I right? When you are mom of four, your day can drastically change with the sound of a morning cough coming from your kiddos room, a phone call from your child’s school, etc…
Well this is a funny question to answer…but the truth is. I hate to be asked what’s for dinner? I feel pressured by the question. Half of the nights of the week, I don’t know what is going to be for dinner until I enter the kitchen. Now, I do shop for specific meals, but I actually let the day and how I feel & THE SCHEDULE of having a busy life with four kids—-when I enter the kitchen dictate what ingredients I am going to use to make the pre-thought of meal. I am creating all day long, I am making decisions all day long…don’t ask me what’s for dinner. It’s decision fatigue.
You will know what’s for dinner when I call you to help with dinner prep, or when it’s sitting in front of you at the table!
And we may just hop in the car and go and get dinner….it’s always a surprise over here in the Nord household.

Comfortable Shoes for Photographers | Missoula Birth Photographer

Comfortable shoes for photographers?
So what does Jenna Nord , Missoula Birth Photographer wear on her feet?

Hands down, my best pair of shoes are my black Blundstone boots. These boots are so versatile. I have worn them with dresses, slacks, to shoot weddings, hike into rocky mountain hotsprings for maternity sessions, standing and squatting in them for long hours at Birth Story Photography sessions and hiking Blue Mountain for my personal leisure time.
Blundstones are super comfortable- amazing quality, leather- and they are so durable. Blundstones offer the following benefits.

  • Comfort
    – Support
    -Shock absorption
    -Easy to clean

Tips for Hiring Missoula Birth Photographer

Tips for hiring a birth photographer-
Hire a birth photographer who’s a photographer.
Hire a birth photographer who provides a full service. ( Maternity, birth, newborn, family, slideshow, licensed music, online or storefront for tangible keepsakes).
Hire a birth photographer who presents your story in their studio or comes to your home. Hire a birth photographer that honors and respects your story so much that it matches the honor, respect and commitment they said they make when they are on call and in your space documenting.
Hire a birth photographer that values debriefing with you on YOUR reflection of your birth story.
Hire a birth photographer who is ready to sit with you through the tears while you take in your story, one who is selecting a few key images to artistically explore with you and highlight details, composition, emotion and intention of the capture.
Hire a birth photographer who is ready to monster play- chase your older children up the stairs so you have a few quiet moments to savor your favorite images. #missoulabirthphotographer #missoulamaternity