Tips for Hiring Missoula Birth Photographer

Tips for hiring a birth photographer-
Hire a birth photographer who’s a photographer.
Hire a birth photographer who provides a full service. ( Maternity, birth, newborn, family, slideshow, licensed music, online or storefront for tangible keepsakes).
Hire a birth photographer who presents your story in their studio or comes to your home. Hire a birth photographer that honors and respects your story so much that it matches the honor, respect and commitment they said they make when they are on call and in your space documenting.
Hire a birth photographer that values debriefing with you on YOUR reflection of your birth story.
Hire a birth photographer who is ready to sit with you through the tears while you take in your story, one who is selecting a few key images to artistically explore with you and highlight details, composition, emotion and intention of the capture.
Hire a birth photographer who is ready to monster play- chase your older children up the stairs so you have a few quiet moments to savor your favorite images. #missoulabirthphotographer #missoulamaternity

Play! Your Missoula Birth & Portrait Photographer.

Do you play in your daily life? What says “playtime” to you?

I would love to say I play everyday, but that’s not true. What is great is that I consider playtime so many different things….
  • I love to dance. Dance is play
  • I love editing. Editing can be play
  • I like to bake sweet treats. Play!
  • Hiking mountains is play….

But let me talk about play, in a way that I would like to engage in more… even though my kids are older, I still like a good game of hide and seek. I like board games, card games and puzzles. We did a puzzle and janga just last night. This was play for me.

and still dance take the cake….I play when I dance. How to get this in my day everyday? It shouldn’t be that hard right?