Montana Birth Stories

Birth Stories of MT coming soon. In collaboration with Bozeman ( and future recruiting for a voice in Billings!

Birth Stories of MT is a visual resource, celebrating and validating the 4th trimester of the female journey and the intimate details of new motherhood. It’s vision is to create awareness and community, to provide evidence and healing through visual birth stories and uplift women in their rawness, their simple nature and the beautiful and visceral demand of the skin. 

Documenting: maternity, BIRTH, Fresh48, Surrogacy, loss, Postpartum & Breastfeeding

Birth Stories of MT. What makes MT mamas different? What is birthing in MT like? What makes us all the same? How is Birth love and how can it create community? What do your local birth places offer? Why choose home birth or center birth? What does a water birth look like?

We can’t wait to explore all these questions. We can’t wait to hear from Montana mamas- Birth Story client’s.  Let’s SEE these stories and talk about them together!

©2017 Jenna Nord- First Embrace Photography

Birth Photographer Missoula. First Embrace Photography

I just don’t have words.

I recently learned from an Art director that she has always worked with a writer. She thinks in images, he thinks in text and they go together so well. I need a writer. I see, not necessarily write.  Are you out there?  What would you say to perfectly match this image? What words would pair with this moment that could uphold it for all it’s worth, all it’s meant to say, evoke?  I’m not sure……


There just aren’t words….sometimes….I’m okay with that.