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Rise of Hippolyta’s muses-

Dancers- I really don’t know the name of this project yet, above is a top of mind drip. I just know that I don’t want to title it Snuggle Dance- that’s just the easiest way to introduce it.

An aching need and desire to witness and capture the sensual experience I have had in community with women. Skin, our maps, sensuality in sharing movement, heat, breath, heartbeat, oxygen of nature, barefoot grounded into mother, trusting oneself to explore and indulge in expansive boundary squeezing, to feel nourished by oneself via the physical energetic exchange of like-minded enough divine humans. To be moved and narrated by spoken word, music to instigate a visceral reaction- open to grief, rage, joy, delight- holding oneself as the collective holds all.

white, nude, cream- bralette, spandex, onsie for attire= Jenna is shopping for and purchasing these items

Publication/sales/ etc-

I currently have no end all and do not feel like limiting myself within this description. There is an aim to display the art. Art gallery, web, print publication, home gallery.

Sell limited edition wall art. 1-3 copies of any one image. Meaning a maximum of 3 pieces will exist in the world; this is not for commodity. I need to research the business behind this, wanting to be transparent as possible, intending to pay out xxx portion of the sales to each dancer/artist.

Will reveal the bulk of the collection behind a patreon wall.

Dancer/artist- will receive prints of each piece intended to be sold, for private consumption and delight.

Video is being considered, and highly likely.

Jenna holds copyright of all works.

A basic contract link will be added to this page shortly.


Self & the masses

Project Duration:

Monday Sept 19th