Nectar Drip | Private Proposal | Private Experience


You’re Invited if…

You want to practice saying YES; for you

You want to lean into your boundaries, soften your edges

You want to delight in your sensuality

You want to be present for the vulnerable you

You want to connect with what’s alive inside of you

You are ready to embody the stories that elevate you and release those that no longer serve

You are ready to reflect and practice radical self acceptance of the beauty, of the wild, of the primal you

This Experience is for…

For those who want to experience themselves in the closed container with Jenna as guide and witness.

For those who want to awaken their senses.

For those who want to leave the experience with new tools, a refreshed vibration, activated power, thirst for more of your endless self.

Unveil. Devote. & Delight in the Nectar Drip Bones of You.

Intentional co-creation for Jen & Whitney | 3 Drips

Via the Twin Flames Guidance | Eden Saint-Clair

The following is a proposal that supports the flow of individual radical self acceptance practice to climax with a connective, restorative and sensual couples session. The couples session is vetted for Idaho Natural Hot Springs, but upon discussion can be crafted for studio, home or TBD.

Nectar Drip 1 & 2

Personal Deep Dive. Single Session. 3+ hour guided experience.

We start with the Story of You Reflection; a guided interview into your intention for the session, specific ways you hope to feel and parts or places on your body you would like celebrated and/or taken extra gentle care around. ( ie: scars ) We weave this information into ourselves and the space and begin the work of vulnerability and radical self acceptance…..

Witnessing begins..(photographic witnessing). Jenna will guide you through exploring-

Breath work, Nurturing fears/shadow/neutrality/celebrations/liberations, movement & activated embodiment of your story, stories that serve and don’t serve, invitation to play, bring forth the goddess/sensuality/primal you- whatever aligns by way of gentle suggestion. Our positive feedback loop keeps us in flow.

Ending with heart lock, rest, reflective journaling, silence. Exit the space silently with light snack, refreshment & prepared words of affirmation.

Nectar Drip 3 | Connection Climax

You will receive :

  • Chauffeur to Hot Springs
  • Nature/ Travel Adventure
  • A guided Sensual activity/exploration
  • Relaxing soak in the healing waters
  • Catered lunch from Green Source
  • Co-creation of your Primal Medicine Boudoir photography session ( in the hotsprings and surrounding woods)
  • Digital files of your LOVERS ART
  • Premium Hemp Fine Art Album

Lover’s Nectar Drip Journey | 2 Pay

1st payment due to book. 2nd payment due at the time of Nectar Drip 3. 3 Sessions. In three intentional nectar drips. The third drip, a couples connection, deep devotion of each other. Includes Digital collection. 8×8 Hemp Album