Motherhood Films

Missoula Portrait & Story Telling Photography

The give and take of skin through mothering. The skin that is loved, longed for, some days touched out. Skin that expands and retracts. We need to see the skin that does NOT so neatly fit into the JEANS. We need to see the marks made by the stretch of the skin when it has become supple and filled with milk. There is no need to glorify any journey within the skin, but validate the mothering. I don’t want your “bounceback”.

Mothering in Skin.



Mothering often takes place in the shadows, in the can go unnoticed but not by the skin, the skin knows your stretch, the skin KNOWS.

Mothering in skin. Our skin tells of this mortal journey we are on. As mothers it tells of our sacrifice and pride. We may see trauma or SEE the wound. Mothers are a map, an abundance of stories.

Where is the separation…my skin, your skin…our skin, touching, holding. I stretch for you. With complete abandon I am yours.

Mothering in Skin-

$950 All Inclusive Keepsake

  • up to 2 hours on location, at my natural light studio or use of tub!
  • Mp4 ( 5 video clips, 10 stills, mom’s audio, licensed music)
  • Keepsake linen unbound album, includes your story in fine art prints paired with your digital portraits on a custom USB drive

Just digitals- $595

Just film- $795


Are you ready to explore your Mothering in Skin?