I love this image so much, because it embodies both sensuality and motherhood- two things deeply important to me. As mothers, women are so often expected to disregard their bodies in ways that childless women ( among many others ) are not. Furthermore, women are too often shamed for embracing their sensuality, as if somehow the rules change after babies. But the energy that created the babies, whether they were formed in our own body, someone el’s body, or in a lab- is the same energy that fuels motherhood: it is life-giving. It is creative energy. And it is important. And while we all express that energy uniquely ( what is empowering for some, is not for others), no one should feel that they cannot be both a mother and sexy.. the two are not exclusive of each other. Now, there are countless ways in which women are told how they are/are not allowed to look, for countless reasons, this is just one avenue that is personal to me. So I won’t be quiet about it, because I think that the female body is just about the most incredible thing there is; I am forever in awe of it, and I will never stop celebrating it.

And Jenna, you are incredible for capturing this duality.