If what I say next resonates with you, then I am your Missoula photographer.

My words won’t touch the heart of each and everyone that reads on, but my hope is that for those they do touch- you trust me to be your story teller, and for those I won’t touch, let my images continue to move you.

I want to see your lines, the hard and soft. I want to love your skin through my honest photography. I want to savor your baby’s first moments with accurate, artful documentation. I want to show you, your power. Let me share with you my cesarean stories, I hope they warm your belly. Where there is shadow, I will capture it’s richness. Give me light, I will give it back unfiltered. I want your real.

I want to be amongst the dust of your life.

I am a mother in Missoula Montana. I have four children. I am a wife. My husband has been filling my heart with music since 1998 and has filled my children’s hearts in the womb. I know clutter & chaos. I know diapers on the back porch. I know golden retriever love, and the endless hair. I know sleepless nights, piled high dishes and breast milk engorgement. I am made of stretch marks and scar tissue. I am shaped by 9 years of breast feeding. I know feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders with a small, perfect babe in my lap. I know deep, loneliness. I know an abundance of joy and pride through motherhood.

My Professional Birth Photographer Affirmation
I am a birth photographer because documenting the transformative in women is priceless, powerful, humbling, validating, and essential to my clientele. It is essential to advocate for women and women’s birth choices. It is essential to uplift women in their birth story. It is a tool for healing and education. It is a way to build a community around women. It is also a private, secret story to relish in the heart and share with the child- the coming earth side.

 You can find me photographying birth at,

  1. Community Medical Center http://communitymed.org/,
  2. Hummingbird Lodge https://www.hummingbirdlodge.org/,
  3. Family Maternity Center Missoula https://montana.providence.org/locations-directory/s/st-patrick-hospital-family-maternity-center,
  4. The Birth Center & Women’s Health Clinic Missoula,
  5. St. James Healthcare Butte Montana,
  6. Home birth Missoula, Stevensville, Lolo MT.

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