What if we believed BIRTH was so transformational that the act of birth, the entire journey shaped the world. What if how women are supported in birth, the place of birth, silencing of fear, the honored natural unfolding of her POWER- was looked at as the catalyst to PEACE. I am invested in this belief. Birth is the truest example and purest form of LOVE.

This story is worthy. You and your child’s birth is worthy. Birth stories are validation and empowerment, not only for women but for the next generation. Birth stories are advocacy and awareness for better birth outcomes. Your birth story will shape how your child views women and birth, and ultimately how your child births or supports birth.

I know it may sound foreign to hire a photographer to be in one of the most intimate spaces you’ll ever experience. You, your wife, your family-all so vulnerable. My husband was a little unsure of it at first. What we both came to realize was that, our life was going to change in the biggest way possible (more so than getting married and it was easy to hire a photographer for our wedding) and having photos to capture the moments of that-turned into a no brainer. We realized that our birth and our transformation into parents was undeniably going to be the most special moment in each of our lives and our life together. We owed it to ourselves, our family, and our children to have it captured. Our story was worth being told. You may have this thought that you only want it to be your spouse and you in the room when your baby is born, and I understand that too but…you will have doctors and nurses coming in and out that you may never see again-but you won’t even see or notice your birth photographer (especially Jenna). She is quieter, calmer, and more gentle than anyone else in the room yet she contributes such an incredibly valuable piece to your birth that will live forever. You will never regret hiring her to capture and share your story. You will never regret looking back at the photos of the day you became parents, or added a sibling to your family. You will never regret giving your children photos of their parents welcoming them into this world-especially if they become parents someday. You won’t regret reliving the story, the experience, and the love forever. -Megan Branz

moments more visceral and awakening than your wedding vows

to secure a spot on my calendar one-third of the session fee is due at the time of booking.

complimentary consultation to answer any questions about my services & preview product

on-call 24/7 from 38-42 weeks

arrive in active labor and stay 1-2 hours after delivery

payment plans available

Birth Story option 1. $1900

  • Consultation
  • Mini maternity session (6prints,6files)
  • On-call 24/7 starting at 37weeks, Birth Story unlimited coverage
  • Complete Collection Digital files 100+ images
  • Includes 10- 24hr announcement images to share with family
  • A la carte Add ons available!

*4 weeks after your birth we will meet for your private Birth Story reveal! We will watch your story and chat about your birth experience. You can decide on offered Keepsake items. What type of product you want, to preserve your Birth Story. Choosing from a beautiful album, unbound album, and framed fine art prints.

Birth Story Option 2. $2500 (value of $2700)

  • Consultation
  • Mini maternity session
  • On-call 24/7 starting at 37weeks, Birth Story unlimited coverage
  • 25 spread Keepsake Album, leather wrap
  • Complete Collection Digital files 100+ images
  • 16×20 Luxe Framed & Matted Birth Print
  • Dandelion Mama- Magnesium rub & Healing Bath Soak

Heart-Strong Option 3. $1800 (value of $1900)

Heart-Strong Midwifery in collaboration and an 8 year friendship -offer combined services- with special savings! Must be booked with Ashley Hinton-Sharp for Midwifery care and homebirth. Model release required.

  • Consultation
  • Mini maternity session (6prints,6files)
  • On-call 24/7 starting at 37weeks, Birth Story unlimited coverage
  • Complete Collection Digital files 100+ images
  • A la carte Add ons available!

More than just a photographer- peer empathic experienced support.

I know mothering- four children, labor and birthing by cesarean. I know holding a birth mamas hand and also a baby so dad could say goodbye. I am here for you!


$500– Birth Doula Support- 2 prenatal appointments, 1 post appointment

$500 – 1-minute Hello Little One announcement film 

$500 -maternity + newborn documentary session -25 images from each session

$600 2019 Birth Story Film – Portfolio building rate

Fresh48 $900 Stand alone / $700 ( for birth clients) Includes on call -for 48hr service. The Glass Story Box which contains 10 matted prints includes digital files. Upgrades available. Just digitals -$700 / birth clients $600

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