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1. Contact me to see if I am available for your on call window & EDD.  I take on a maximum of three birth clients / month.

2. Inquire to hear about special collaborations with the local Missoula Homebirth & Community Medical Center MIDWIVES.


3. We will have our first 30 minute consult to discuss ALL the things Birth Photography. 10 years of experience. I will cover all your questions so you feel confident and revered in choosing me as your artist.

4. Pay your 1/3 deposit to hold your Birth date on my calendar.

Ask about the Birth Gift Registry available to all Birth Clients.


5. I am officially on call from 38 weeks until the day you deliver. I will arrive once you have entered active labor ( around 7 cm ) or you intuitively know it is time for me to come.

We stay in close contact weeks leading up to your Birth Day. Once you have arrived at 30 weeks gestation we begin simple weekly text communication.

I am your Birth Keeper by nature & Keeper/Doula upon request. Learn more.

Ethics. I contract a professional birth photographer to back me up in the case an emergency occurs and I cannot attend your birth.

If you are working with one of the Missoula Home Birth Midwifes, I collaborate with you and them about my time to arrive at your home.

I stay up to 2 hours after your delivery.

6. I deliver 10 Announcement images within 24 hours of your birth.

Becoming the most real, raw, visceral version of yourself. Period.

Complimentary consultation to answer any questions about my services & preview product.

To secure a spot on my calendar one-third of the session fee is due at the time of booking.

On-call 24/7 from 38-42 weeks.

Arrive in active labor and stay 1-2 hours after delivery.

Payment plans available.

Travel charge based on tax reimbursement rate.

“Document. This is for you, your baby, and your family.

©Jenna Nord

Birth Story Experiences

Private Consultation
Exclusive Maternity Art Co-Creation

On-call 24/7 starting at 38weeks

Birth Keeper Support by request Birth Story unlimited coverage
Receive Complete Collection Digital files 100+ images
receive 10- 24hr announcement images to share with family
receive Fine Art Gift Print – Wall Art from you Birth printed with Paper & Ink

Receive 1 hr Reflection & Presentation of your Birth Story, In-person- where we record mama’s memory- story of her birth first, written or audio, this testimony will be added to your Birth Story receivables via slideshow.

Birth Story Package Upgrades

Premiere & Luxury Birth Story Packages upgrade to include :

– Receive Your Birth Story Full LIVE film. 5-12 minute production

-Receive Keepsake Folio Box with 20 matted fine art prints from your Birth Story
-NEW!! WONDER Life 12 month Heirloom Milestone Subscription

Jenna @ Jenna Nord Photography brought to life everything I had envisioned to eternalize my birth. Raw, visceral, empowerment. Autonomy, motherhood, and might. She was present, intentional, and committed to creating a beautiful living memory. Her passion for motherhood, birth, and everything womanhood takes shape in the form of beautiful art and lasting memories. Her art and creative talent is unparalleled to any I’ve seen, and it is testimony to her dedication. I can’t thank her enough for the gift she has given.” ❤

Thomasina Walter


“Kendra just sent me her birth story..
I just have to say…

“We are so lucky to have you. Our community is so lucky to have someone like you-a dedicated birth worker, a decorated mama, a passionate advocate for women. You. You are such an essential piece to the journey of motherhood for the mother themselves but also the babies that you get to watch come to life. You are allowing them to SEE themselves and their mamas and papas in a wildly vulnerable and life changing moment. Showing them the strength of their parents, the tenderness of birth, the perfectly vivid emotions. You are such a part of my life and I’m so thankful.” – Megan Branz Birth Story Client

Hear from a local Montana Father!

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