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The tangible. It all comes back to my story. Stories we share, stories that unite us. Childhood memories. The story of family & Love.

I am a mother of four children. Before my first child was born, I was already reading to him. The value placed on reading, shared reading, story telling and story writing are very high within my walls.

Each of my children have all been able to sit and be active listeners from a very young age. I was reading Charlotte’s Web to my three year old. Where the Red Fern Grows to my 5& 7 year old. The Giver to all four kids, over 2 years ago. The ages sitting beside me were: 6, 8, 11, 13.


Sharing stories allows for laughter, discussion, root- seeking, joy, resolution, healing.

My children LOVE reading and they LOVE their albums. Albums that are filled with images of family. Images that show me (mom) growing each one inside of me. The kids look with magic in their eyes at these memories. There are so many questions surrounding Birth Days. My children never grow old of hearing some sweet detail of the day they were born. We don’t sit at the computer pulling up file after file, or searching for files to reminisce. We lustily grab the big, thick albums and sit together on the faded sofa.                                                              We turn pages. 

We feel together texture and warmth of fiber and fabrics- are eyes flood with the moments that have been preserved.

This is the behind my business –values that I want to share more honestly and openly over and over again. I want my clients to know that when working with First Embrace Photography they can invest in a product to sit down with, slow time with, create and enjoy connection through.

Personal Part ?

When I started featuring personal posts a year or two ago I should have never thought that numbering them was a good idea. Of course I was going to lose track. I have no idea what part I am on. Personal is a great way to make sure your viewers know that what you are posting is from your personal life, or a personal project and not your business or “work”. I have to say though all of my work, my personal, my projects, my passion are all intertwined. For instance, I am not a birth photographer without MY own birth experiences. And I think for you to know me and bits of my personal life, make our connection more authentic. Mother’s resonate with me because I am a mother, I share similar challenges and joys. I am also a wife. Wives can hoot and holler right along side me and feel that I hold space for them. These personal, resonating connections shape me and my work. My projects are full of heart AND there is an investment associated with that.

Here is a little personal – photo walk I had with my oldest daughter the other day. It was really fun and spontaneous. The rest of the family had left for a river float, I couldn’t go because I am currently on call for birth. As soon as the house cleared of the float energy I asked my daughter what she wanted to do. She launched off her bed and expressed going to take photos and video of her with her beloved Uke. We threw things together in a flash and headed out. We had the van, which has no AC this summer. So sweating, disheveled, moaning and groaning we drove through town searching for our location on the fly. We ended up at this local park. My daughter is easy in front of the camera, we have less FUN than what you might think–it’s is usually a mix of pleasure but more so a MISSION. The feeling of pursuit and once fulfilled ends with a classic teenager coffee drink!