Getting gold to NICU Babies

Over the past few months some of the greatest fullfillment I’ve had from social media, are the times when images help. Help educate, heal and give hope. Mamas from across the globe are connected to the ever growing web presence of birth images. The sharing of birth images, birth in all it’s forms is helping to support and validate women’s birth choices as well as power women in choice, by showing a multitude of birth environments, care providers, body types, and birth positions.

I couldn’t be more proud to be part of this much needed growing niche. Offering the women of Missoula MT and surrounding areas Birth Story photography.

Trades in Missoula. Photography

Let’s trade. I can consider trades multiple times a year. I always wondered why more people didn’t bring up trade to me but it may be that, no one knew it was an option.

Let’s fix that.

I have needs and wants just like the next person and if you would like to work with me this may be your means to an end.

Here is a list of options that are top of mind.

  • Builder, need new front porch
  • Weeding, gardening
  • Time share vacation
  • Dinners out
  • Movies
  • Hair color and cuts
  • House trim painting
  • House cleaning
  • Massage
  • Natural makeup
  • Book keeping
  • Nutrition/supplements

Have am idea I didn’t mention? Pitch it to me!

See yourself. Missoula motherhood photographer

Do you see yourself in my photos? Do you think this is made up or I hired a model of heavenly beauty to mimic a mothering experience? Well that’s ridiculous.

You are beautiful. You are worthy. Every person I SEE and photograph and create art with, is vulnerable and messy and gorgeous. I see your beautiful in all the little details. I want to see your wrinkles, your laugh lines. I want to see your skin…mothering. your skin the best, most authentic map. The push and pull of this life all within the universe of your skin.
I am working on self right now. I am aching. I am crying so much. A little work I have done is to see where I love myself best and who am I with. It’s obvious, that the photos I adore and I actually like how I look, are the photos of me with my kids. I also like me, when I wake up with gratitude and touch the person lying next to me. My face is softer on these days. I know that I love the mountains and the woods down by my childhood home. I am “good” there. I can breathe or yell, I can run heavy and hard and the trees and mountains hold me and witness me.
More of me coming soon.

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