Birth Story Registry; Baby Hakala/Rasmussen

Dearest Family & Friends, We are getting close to welcoming our little “baby bird” into the world to join us in life’s adventures. Birth is such a magical event. A story worth being told. Investing in birth photography will allow us to capture this beautiful and tender time forever. We would be so grateful for your help in welcoming this baby by contributing to our birth story through Jenna’s lens. We cannot wait to share with you our little bundle of goodness!! With heartfelt gratitude and joyful anticipation, Ali & Eric


I provide a visual connection to birth for a woman, her family, her baby and if she chooses her community.
I hand back to the birth warrior, raw visceral validation, a story to celebrate and heal by. Documentation to point ones finger at and see the shimmer in the growing babe’s eye.
I cannot simple define the why of a birth photographer; myself.
I hold space for the birth mama and family, I photograph in the most challenging of light on the most intense physiological female journey. Through my lens I look for the supple transformation of birthing skin, the endearing love of a partner and sharing of primal birth perseverance and surrender.
I am your storyteller. ~ Jenna Nord Birth Photographer- 


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Birth Clients typically invest between $2400 – $3500

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