Birth Story Registry; Baby Dobbe

Robin your Birth Story film has been gifted to you! So exciting! Love: Leah L, Amy, Beth, Leah Z, Nicole, Keshia Scarpello, Erin Crabtree, Kelsey Fast, HulaHealing

I provide a visual connection to birth for a woman, her family, her baby and if she chooses her community.
I hand back to the birth warrior, raw visceral validation, a story to celebrate and heal by. Documentation to point ones finger at and see the shimmer in the growing babe’s eye.
I cannot simple define the why of a birth photographer; myself.
I hold space for the birth mama and family, I photograph in the most challenging of light on the most intense physiological female journey. Through my lens I look for the supple transformation of birthing skin, the endearing love of a partner and sharing of primal birth perseverance and surrender.
I am your storyteller. ~ Jenna Nord Birth Photographer- 

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Birth Clients typically invest between $550 – $3200

From Robin’s paper work, we know that she would really LOVE her birth filmed. Investment: $600

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