Birth Story Registry; Baby Branz

Friends and Family-

When we first became a family of three, never did I anticipate just how important capturing those moments together would mean to us then, to this day, and everyday for the rest of our lives. When we decided to invest in capturing our birth story again to welcome our second baby to our family, we decided that our story is worth being told. Giving birth may only happen once or twice more in our family and we want to capture every second. Many of you have asked what we need or how you can help us welcome this baby, and contributing to our birth story through Jenna’s lens, is the most perfect welcoming gift we could ever ask for. We cannot wait to share with you your investment to our lives while we relive and share our birth and the growth of our family through photos taken. In advance, we thank you infinitely.


I provide a visual connection to birth for a woman, her family, her baby and if she chooses her community.
I hand back to the birth warrior, raw visceral validation, a story to celebrate and heal by. Documentation to point ones finger at and see the shimmer in the growing babe’s eye.
I cannot simple define the why of a birth photographer; myself.
I hold space for the birth mama and family, I photograph in the most challenging of light on the most intense physiological female journey. Through my lens I look for the supple transformation of birthing skin, the endearing love of a partner and sharing of primal birth perseverance and surrender.
I am your storyteller. ~ Jenna Nord Birth Photographer- 

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Birth Clients typically invest between $550 – $2100

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My GIFT for the Baby Hakala


Your gift will go towards completing Megan & Gentry’s Birth Story Experience.

Your gift with the gift of others invests in Baby Branz’s birth story.