Birth Stories

Birth Missoula Labor Delivery Hospital

Your are ready to be documented as a Hero of Humanity.

I am your Story Teller. Birth Keeper.

Hello my name is Jenna Nord and I believe birth choices matter. Your birth team matters, the medical team and the non-medical team matter. You matter and your story and your baby’s story are worthy.

As one of Montana’s most experienced birth photographers, I’m honored to document births for families in Missoula, Whitefish, Bozeman, Belgrade, Helena, the Bitterroot. I capture raw, emotive, heart aching, teeth clenching, riveting moments & authentic love.  Regardless of how or where you give birth…your birth day will be one of the most transformational days of your life, your family’s life.

As a birth photographer & trained doula- but most important – A Mother of 4- I honor the birth space and the sacredness of your story. I document your journey with reverence.

Do you have more questions about birth photography? Explore my FAQs here.