Birth Keeper

Love, Reverence- one birth at a time

A Birthkeeper is a versatile and adaptable role that defies rigid definitions. It encompasses a person with birth experience and training, deeply respecting the sanctity of childbirth. Unlike the term “Doula,” which has historical implications, a Birthkeeper serves as a keeper of space for spiritual, physical, and emotional aspects of birth. Offering a wide range of skills and expertise, a Birthkeeper believes in the sacredness of every birth and supports mothers to have safe, cherished, and personalized birthing experiences, regardless of the setting. A Birthkeeper encourages mothers to pursue their dream birth while finding peace and acceptance within their circumstances, offering comfort and emotional support to thrive in any birth environment. Like water, a Birthkeeper adapts to fulfill the unique needs of each birthing journey, cultivating an empowering space where women can embrace motherhood in their own way.

*Birth Keeper Services available exclusively via Birth Story Photography packages.

Bio on Me and mY Birth Keeping

  • Mama of four
  • Have attended over 100 births
  • Have attended hospital, birth center, home, cesarean, water, induction, high risk, twin birth
  • Breastfed my babies for an accumulation of 9.5 years
  • Formal degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Child Development
  • Early Head Start Case Manager
  • Circle of Security trained
  • Birth Mama – Doula trained; Instructor Charlotte Creekmore MSN, FNP-C
  • Emotional & Energetic Support
  • Advocacy, Physical Support, Breathing / Relaxation
  • Continuous Presence, Comfort tools, Affirmations