Newborn and birth photography in Missoula



What if Newborn and Birth Photography the way I serve is enough?

Every once in awhile, I will allow my volume to inform me that maybe my services in Missoula area newborn and birth story photography are basic or lacking in some way- this imposter voice creeping in. My knee jerk reaction is to try and make myself believe that I need to work harder and more creatively. Burning myself out to create epic, a new look, a new offer, a new set/scene, location.

I have arrived at a practice that has helped over the recent years. GO BACK TO THE PORTFOLIO. The portfolio speaks. The images show me that there is beauty and depth and endless emotive feelings….that are unique to each session- each human I co-create with.

You mama are enough. In the way you are showing up in the world. In the way you practice becoming you!

Here are some tips to prepare for your Newborn and birth photography in Missoula.

Your Birth tip is to hire a Birth photographer. Consult with me today. Consultations are free and I love to geek out all things birth.

Preparing for a newborn photography session can help ensure that the photos turn out beautifully and that both you and your baby have a positive experience. Here are three tips to help you prepare:

  1. Schedule the session within the first two weeks: Newborns change very quickly, so it’s best to schedule the photography session within the first two weeks of life when they are still very sleepy and can be easily posed. This will also help capture those adorable curled-up poses that are so popular in newborn photography.
  2. Keep your baby well-fed and well-rested: A well-fed and well-rested baby is much more likely to be calm and cooperative during the photography session. Be sure to feed your baby right before the session and try to keep them awake for an hour or so beforehand to help them sleep soundly during the shoot.
  3. Dress your baby in simple, comfortable clothing: Newborns are best photographed in simple, neutral clothing that won’t distract from their natural beauty. Avoid dressing your baby in busy patterns or outfits that are too tight or uncomfortable. A simple onesie or swaddle blanket is often the best choice.

Bonus tip: Work with an experienced newborn photographer who has plenty of experience working with babies and knows how to keep them safe and comfortable during the shoot. This will help ensure that you get beautiful photos while keeping your baby happy and secure.

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