Birth Photography at ROOTS Birth & Women’s Health Missoula

Experienced birth photographer in Missoula

hospital birth standing

Birthing with midwives at a hospital can provide several benefits for expecting mothers and their babies.

I am honored to be able to witness Missoula mamas birth in all spaces they so choose.

Birth Photography at ROOTS Birth & Women’s Health Missoula is welcomed. The midwives are a great team to work alongside.

To witness mama’s being able to make informed choices about how they labor and birth is rewarding, empowering and liberating. The image above is testimony that you CAN stand during labor. There are so many options- make sure you openly and honestly talk with you provider about your desires for your birth. Your body, your birth.

There are many benefits to choosing our local ROOTS in hospital midwives- here are a few:

  1. Access to medical resources: Midwives who work in hospitals have access to medical resources, such as doctors, nurses, and medical equipment, in case any complications arise during the birth. This can provide a sense of security for women who want to deliver their babies with midwives, but also want the assurance that medical help is readily available if needed.
  2. Personalized care: Midwives provide personalized care to expectant mothers, including continuous support throughout the labor and delivery process. They can help women with pain management techniques, such as breathing exercises and massage, and provide emotional support throughout the birth. Additionally, midwives often encourage natural birthing methods and can help women achieve the type of birth experience they desire.
  3. Lower rates of interventions: Studies have shown that women who birth with midwives at hospitals have lower rates of interventions, such as cesarean sections and episiotomies, compared to women who deliver with physicians. This is because midwives are trained to support natural birthing methods and work to minimize medical interventions unless they are medically necessary. This can result in a more positive birth experience for women and better outcomes for both mother and baby.

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