Missoula Birth Photographer; hates this question

What is one question you hate to be asked? Explain.
As your Missoula Birth Photographer…I am planning for the most unpredictable life event…birth…
Much of my life I can try and plan for….and much not– am I right? When you are mom of four, your day can drastically change with the sound of a morning cough coming from your kiddos room, a phone call from your child’s school, etc…
Well this is a funny question to answer…but the truth is. I hate to be asked what’s for dinner? I feel pressured by the question. Half of the nights of the week, I don’t know what is going to be for dinner until I enter the kitchen. Now, I do shop for specific meals, but I actually let the day and how I feel & THE SCHEDULE of having a busy life with four kids—-when I enter the kitchen dictate what ingredients I am going to use to make the pre-thought of meal. I am creating all day long, I am making decisions all day long…don’t ask me what’s for dinner. It’s decision fatigue.
You will know what’s for dinner when I call you to help with dinner prep, or when it’s sitting in front of you at the table!
And we may just hop in the car and go and get dinner….it’s always a surprise over here in the Nord household.

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