Play! Your Missoula Birth & Portrait Photographer.

Do you play in your daily life? What says “playtime” to you?

I would love to say I play everyday, but that’s not true. What is great is that I consider playtime so many different things….
  • I love to dance. Dance is play
  • I love editing. Editing can be play
  • I like to bake sweet treats. Play!
  • Hiking mountains is play….

But let me talk about play, in a way that I would like to engage in more… even though my kids are older, I still like a good game of hide and seek. I like board games, card games and puzzles. We did a puzzle and janga just last night. This was play for me.

and still dance take the cake….I play when I dance. How to get this in my day everyday? It shouldn’t be that hard right?

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