What brings you happiness?

When are you most happy?
There are many things that bring me happiness and I have to say honestly, my purest love , most wild joy comes from being a mother. At the age of 21, I became a mother to a beautiful baby boy and upon knowing that I was pregnant, I really felt a complete surrender. A complete commitment to a a primal abandonment into the abyss of love nurturing connection. Joy chaos. I really didn’t see myself apart from the growth of my child. The birth of my child every waking moment. Every smile cry really. I felt I had become the greatest version of myself in a progressive feminist modern society that might not sit well or better said it might not resonate with all women. And that’s okay. I fully claim the role that I chose and I am proud and honored in every moment that I claim my greatest gifts to the world are my children. Maybe someone would say you should think more highly of yourself. You should expand your knowledge of yourself. You should liberate yourself as a woman and stand in your own power apart from being a mother. But I have to tell you that I gained liberation through motherhood. I gained power and knowing in sight through nurturing through giving my greatest love to my humans to the family I’ve created and I wouldn’t choose my journey to be any other way.

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