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    Hello! There’s been a bit of quiet here on the page, more back-end admin work and community building through our reveal homecoming has happened in the last several months. We are going to be announcing inviting attracting offering for REVEAL 2023 in Puerto Rico. It has been live for quite some time. The page has been up, the itinerary, the gifts received , all the deets are transparent and ready for YOU..
    Let’s do a little bit of reminiscing and reintroduction. I am Jenna Nord. Jenna Nord Photography reveal was birthed out of my earlier version of intimate skin sessions. What I wanted to do was create an offering that was more supportive and deep diving for my clients. More than a drop in the studio or out in nature for a few hours. I wanted there to be space that was held prior to the reveal session and afterwards as well. I wanted women to feel thoroughly supported in what they chose to reveal during their photo experience and feel like they could return home with a practice resources and a deeper connection to their story and to their skin. I wanted women to feel as though they had practiced arriving home. They had practiced what it feels like to be in radical self-acceptance. At reveal we explore the primal body. We explore pleasure the pleasure body. We explore womb stories. We practice heart opening activities and techniques. We share nourishing food and nourishing spaces. We celebrate each other for the women that we are in that very given moment. We explore what it feels like to take risks to challenge ourselves to challenge our body narrative and we sit with the acceptance of stories that may be locked away in the heart in the womb in the throat and we welcome the full spectrum of the human experience. Participants are invited to bring forth the fullness of who they are. Express any emotions that may arise during the reveal photography experience. Photos range from clawing at the Earth. Raging in the leaves. Crying in angst at stories that are trapped in the body, but being released to serenity solemn faces and expressions. Quietness to frolicking joy celebrating howling grunting laughing giggling splashing. Contin in comments…6w
  • reveal.retreatsAfter your reveal photography experience with me in the ocean and in the rainforest you received back by the entire cohort of women who are excited to witness your embodiment there’s hugging their snacks nourishing food prep for the next new wild adventure that we are guided into putting into practice. What you may have just learned about yourself a piece of the puzzle that you may have just harnessed that has empowered you. Join us

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