Selling Art | Finding the host

I’ve had the conversation with my husband-

What do you want for your future within music and teaching and the answer comes the same way each time- he wants to be involved in performance art in some fashion. My husband has been in a number of bands over the years, this is the side gig he speaks of that adds that element of fulfillment to his career as a musician and music teacher in Missoula.

I get it. Like being on stage performing, I have a deep desire to show and sell my art! It has been slowly burning away at me for the last two years. What is the block? Why hasn’t it happened? Well first off, finding the venue to display my art is the first block. I am looking for a highly trafficked storefront/gallery that will proudly display my art- which involves nudity- oh my gosh- yes that’s right, nudity. I guess that’s really it folks. I need space to hang. Online is available of course, but I think there’s nothing like seeing the piece up close and personal. So I will continue my quest for the brave, gritty, forward thinking, modern establishment to host me.

Stay tuned!

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