International Day of the Midwife

Mother’s you belong here. We do this, we can do this, if we choose; together. Even if you are physically alone you have the collective shoulders and hips of all the women of the world and those that have come before you- in birth!!!
International Day of the Midwife.

Here is my story about Brenda-
Brenda opened her doors and arms to me. She cared, she listened, she supported me. I lucked out- it was timing- most likely- but I was one of the first of inner circle people to hear that the midwifery unit was being closed down/ this was a “perfect” time for Brenda to retire. I actually cried. I visited her at her office and she too had tears in her eyes. It was a crazy feeling. But I was grieving the loss of her connection and the loss for Missoula- less options, based on the bottom line.

Here is my most beautiful story of Brenda:

I witnessed Brenda support birth in the most tender way- the most tender that I had seen up to that point in my career as a Birth Photographer.
Not only was Brenda present, throughout the birth, she was hands on. She used oils and massage stones on our mutual client. Brenda caressed. Brenda checked in closely- close in proximity, looking deeply into mama’s face.
What blew my mind was Brenda climbed into the hospital bed with her birthing mama client and comforted her, snuggled her, held her. I drew my breath in as I witnessed this. I would never be the same. I am so honored to have seen such beauty that day between provider and patient, between women.

What are your favorite midwifery moments? Please share and with permission I would like to share on my IG stories.

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