See yourself. Missoula motherhood photographer

Do you see yourself in my photos? Do you think this is made up or I hired a model of heavenly beauty to mimic a mothering experience? Well that’s ridiculous.

You are beautiful. You are worthy. Every person I SEE and photograph and create art with, is vulnerable and messy and gorgeous. I see your beautiful in all the little details. I want to see your wrinkles, your laugh lines. I want to see your skin…mothering. your skin the best, most authentic map. The push and pull of this life all within the universe of your skin.
I am working on self right now. I am aching. I am crying so much. A little work I have done is to see where I love myself best and who am I with. It’s obvious, that the photos I adore and I actually like how I look, are the photos of me with my kids. I also like me, when I wake up with gratitude and touch the person lying next to me. My face is softer on these days. I know that I love the mountains and the woods down by my childhood home. I am “good” there. I can breathe or yell, I can run heavy and hard and the trees and mountains hold me and witness me.
More of me coming soon.

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