What you believe YOU deserve.


I just read a lovely blog post by a photographer who wrote about her relationship with a family that is dear to her that she also photographs. She mentioned she was planning to photograph the next (last) baby’s birth. She was thrilled. She went on to say that the planning fell through and the timing wasn’t right. ( She also mentioned many of the photography plans of hers with this family fell through) . But non the less was sharing their updated portrait session and honestly the images are sweet.

But there is more.

This story moved the energy in my gut as I read it.
I want to reflect that even the initial planning to photograph someone’s birth comes with great responsibility. It is important to note that when it comes to birth, the timing isn’t about YOU (the photographer).
There are some notable differences between a photographer who will photograph your birth and a Birth Photographer, someone who specializes. This may come down to a simple yet profound list of comparisons, that include ethics. That include reverence for birth, women and knowledge of the birth space. Commitment, surrender to an unpredictable on-call timeline and hired professional back up.

If those last two sentences don’t resonate with you. If they are not important to you how can you expect your birth story to be important to the person behind the camera? Your birth may be subject to “the timing wasn’t right .”

In all the pro birth photog groups I belong to there are shared stories of photographers who decided last minute that they were tired ( @2a.m.) and didn’t want to make it to the birth, or they felt sick and couldn’t make it, or they decided to go out of town etc etc. These were professional photographers, but they were not Birth photographers. In each case the women sharing these stories had been contacted by the frantic, and deeply hurt mother looking to find another birthtog last minute. The professional, specialized, committed, backed up, and yes more expensive birth photographer.
In some cases because of timing we know that there were birth stories not documented; missed completely.
You may choose what you believe you deserve, what does your birth story deserve.?

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